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Facebook & 'Friends'

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I really struggle with Facebook. I have several 'Friends' that are toxic and/or I don't want contact with anymore. The issue with this is I live in a small country town therefore it's hard to do something about it. I have already 'Unfollowed' these people, but feel it's time to cut ties for good. Do anyone have any suggestions regarding my dilemma?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi again Contradiction,

Thanks for sharing. You can of course act as if they do not exist; or do something more extreme, kill your Facebook account for good and stay in touch with your regular friends and family via email, phone, and in person (my wife and I did this - we were never big FB users but I can tell you we will never, ever again open an account - life is too good without it!).

All my best to you.


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Hi Contradiction,

Unfollowing those people who have a negative influence on your life is the best move, and you've already done that 🙂 If you don't go on their Facebook page, you shouldn't see any posts or comments from them online. If you're on other social media platforms, make sure you disable any settings that would allow content from them to be visible to you (if that's possible). As you live in a small country town, you may run into them more than you'd like. The best thing, in my opinion, is to acknowledge them briefly, but not make any more effort to engage in-person. Avoiding them or pretending you don't notice them could make things more uncomfortable.

Here are some previous forum threads you might like to read. Even though the situations are not the same as yours, the advice given may be helpful anyway 🙂




I hope something I've said has been helpful 🙂

Best wishes,


Now that is food for thought Steve. I always seem to end up in a pickle when it comes to Facebook: my husband says it's bad for my mental health. I would love to kill it, but my 'bestie' prefers to keep in contact via Facebook Messanger. If it were not for this, I would be off it in a flash. With kind regards, Bella.

Thank you Zeal for posting your suggestions. Yes, 'Unfollowing' them has helped me no end. I shall check out those threads now. With kind regards, Bella.

Those previous threads were really helpful. Thank you Zeal!

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Hi Contradiction,
I know of people who have created a second facebook account and only added the people want to keep in touch with. They kept the original, and used a nickname for the second, that way the people they no longer wanted to have contact with didn't know and saved the uncomfortable "why did you delete me" conversation when they run into each other in the town.
hope that might help a little 😃