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Done with my 5 year relationship leave and never look back now time to get a new life as much as i love him no more will i deal with this everything was grdat i was getting back on track with my deprestion till he flipped have now been flogged to near death one to many times how do i come back from this this time i cant even move
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I am so pleased everything is starting to look up for you. Also that your GP has examined you and started some treatment. I hope that as the bruises fade you will find no lasting damage. Having had four children, the eldest five when number four was born, I can appreciate how difficult it must be to follow your doctor's instructions and not pick up the little ones. Please keep trying to look after yourself.

The children know they are safe with you and not being able to cuddle them for a little while will be OK as you can cuddle them soon. Perhaps you can explain to them, very simply, that mommy is hurt and needs to lie down a lot. Things will be better soon. They can lie on the bed with you or sit on your lap.

While you are with your mom, allow her to look after you. Mom's are good at that. It's good you have someone to look for a house for you. Even if you find somewhere soon, may I suggest you stay with your mom until you are completely healed. As you would know, moving house and caring for children is huge. Add the emotional trauma and lingering effects of the abuse and it's a recipe for you collapsing.

Once you are back on your feet do you think it would be worthwhile to have some grief counselling? Your GP can organise that for you. I suggest this as it may help you move on.


Im on the mend now have been talking to so many people about everything is starting to help me i dont think moving on with my life wil be so hard as i look at my kids they dont want to see him again as ive been told from my 4 year old so having hdar that has made me reliseits not aorth the pain or the feeling for him at all my kids need a lifeand a good one at that as im now a single mum of 2 but i know i can do it with surport from this group and friendz and family so now life is to go forward from here glad my gp is really conserned to be able tohelp me threw this as i can talk to him about anything

So pleased you are feeling better and great to know you have some support in your life. It's sounds like the boys are feeling happier which is good.

Keep in touch with your GP and accept as much help as he can give. Remember you are a worthwhile person and take care of yourself. I hope you feel like continuing to write in here and tell us how you are going.



Still very very sore cant do a grdat deal but am feeling alittle bit better within myself been at mum for last couple dayz resting but out amd about today in this lovely hot weather to take kids to play with thers cousins and to talk to my sister and sister inlaw alittle more starting to feel like i got to talk again amd have some time without the kids and relax alittle more

I love this sight it makes me feel like i can open up about everything

Am looking forward to sseing my go again as the bruising and my eye is getting worse so it may mean a trip to tamworth but im not going to live with the deverstating affects of this

Good Morning leelee,

I am so very sorry that you were hurt and abused by the man you used to live with. I read your thread here a few days ago, and felt sad that he did this to you. I was making all these suggestions to you on your other thread without knowing your full circumstances. I am sorry leelee.

Now I am glad you are away from him. I guess you might look at a brand new bright side now. A different and safe one.

Shell xx

Hello shell

I took all your advice and everything to make him happy but him having a bad day at work turned into it all been my fault aparently dont know how but yeah but oh well im trying to get past the whole fact of what has happened but with my gp and police friends and family all on my side helping me im sure ill get better very soon shell you have been so helpful threw everything but now im to become a better mother for my boys and on the brighter side my 4 year old starts preschool on friday yay cant wait his going to love it and it may help him get past this as well he tells everone about what happend saddly but his also gone into what some call depretion state of whats happened but hoping friends and preschool may help him to be happy again it makes me cry just the way he is his so worried about men been around even my brother scares him now im so worried its going to affect him in the long run someone he thought he could trust has done something so horrible now he just doesnt want anyone near me even been in so much pain and agony as i am in i still try and spend time with my boys and ahow them im alright i just hope what has happened doesnt affect the rest of my life and the kids

You are a beautiful and loving mother to your little boys leelee. And of course you are concerned for your little ones. Do you think you could ask the GP to have a chat with your 4 year old may be they could help somehow? Or would he be too frightened?

Oh I am glad you have plenty of support around you and also some cousins for your boys to hang out with.

I care and I am thinking about your little precious family.

Shell xx

Hi shell

Thankyou im slowly getting there looks like i have a seriouse case of hemmertoma in my leg at this point

And my 4year old wont talk to a go or anything his alot like me and wont talk he gets shy when it comes to all that and with him the way he is gis to hyporactive to be sat down to talk but he does start preschool in a few days so hopefully that helps him abit i have also been talking to my oldest sons father alot lately even thi he is on the other side of the country he is a very big help threw this and looks like he maybe moving back this way to help out with his son and my youngest as well so am starting to feel alot better within myself already

Hi leelee,

You poor thing, is the hematoma on your leg hurting a lot? Do you think you will go to Tamworth at all?

It still saddens me to know how were we treated leelee. I long for it not to have happened to you. But you still appear to be plodding along there.

Your four year olds father....is he a good and safe man, like he won't hurt you or anything will he?

Did your little 4 year old go to pre school today? If so, how did he go? Did he find it fun?

Shell xx

Hi shell

I shouldnt havent have to go to tamworth hopefully but if i do i do

The avo is now in place we are safe now

My 4 year sons dad is amazing things just didnt work back the cause he wasnt ready for a child but he will not ever hurt me or the kids in anyway i know that for a fact he is an amazing man really

Yes my boy did go to preschool today he had a great day got no goodbye no nothing thismorning he was gone come home with some lovely paintings and made new friends