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Done with my 5 year relationship leave and never look back now time to get a new life as much as i love him no more will i deal with this everything was grdat i was getting back on track with my deprestion till he flipped have now been flogged to near death one to many times how do i come back from this this time i cant even move
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I am glad you are safe now leelee, you and your little boys. Are you living with your mum now? So what's the next step,,will you just stay there for a while and rest up some.

Shell xx

Hi shell

Im only at mums till i get my own place so when i have somewhere ill be out of mums place as we dont get along the greatest under the same roof for two long we always argue after a week saddly but once i get my own place ill get back on my feet

That does sound a bit exciting then, getting your own place leelee. A new start in your own place. Do you need to get furniture and household stuff ? And is your body healing nicely now? I am thinking heart like healing may take a bit longer perhaps. And you little ones, how are they getting along? I noticed you posted on the" 5 things in nature thread". That's great. And have you got your little puppy and snake with you?

Shell xx

Hi shell

Yes i wil need to get funiture and everything when i get my own place as im down to nothing but cl​oths and blankets for kids and i but all good my heart is heally better then the rest of me atm back to drs tomorrow about keg and ribs and see from there and yes i have my puppie and snakes plus a few itger dogs with me

Hi leelee, I see you are up late still like me. Ah that is great you have you cute little puppy still and your snakes. What is your puppies name? You may have said before, but I don't remember. So you body is still healing.... Are you able to physically get around then, like is your leg painful to walk on. I suppose bruising takes a while. Are you bones broken then? That is good you are healing within your own heart. Maybe you feel such a relief now or something??

Shell xx

Hello shell

Yes still up late most night my oldest has preschool tomorrow so i should best be getting some sleep

My body is slowly getting there my leg is still painful but i can walk but everytime i bend my leg it really hurts as the pain goes down past my knee now i have xrays and ultrasounds left on both leg and ribs to go to see what the nxt step is altho my dr wants to operate on my leg still and with xrays ill find out if i have any broken bones or fractures

My puppies names kootcho his thrning into a great puppie now comes sits and shakes now so doing very well

Im starting to feel alot better now still trying to get my own place but am slowlh getting my life back together the biggest steo was my son starting preschool witch is going great

Hi leelee,

I am glad you are feeling a lot better. And that is a cute name for your puppy. "Kootcho". I guess it does take a little time to get ones life back together, or rather start in a new direction.

I suppose you could look out for household items while you are still finding your own place. Is there places to shop around there for stuff like that? And does centrelink help you or anything?

And did have the opportunity to do anything on the weekend?

Shell xx

Hi shell

Yes my puppy has a difrent name but he did learn it so fast i can call him get him to sit and shake bands all befor his 15 weeks old am doing well witb him now im training him more and more everyday

I could go looking around shoos as i do when i go to them but i normally buy off ebay i love ebay its my one stop shope i get centerlink bjt only get payed foughtnightly and have loads of money coming oht paying off my loans and everything bht o another note (my weekend) was great the kids and i have started walkinv everyday anf taking the dogs for walks and letting dogs off around tbe footy oval ive lost 4 kgs in a week am doing quite well and getting closer to having my own house very soon

Hi leelee, it sounds like you are getting there doesn't it? That's great. Oh yeah eBay...I have never bought anything of eBay before but I have of "gumtree". We bought a white timber bed, it is beautiful. And a good bargain as well. I hope you find some things on eBay then.

That's great you are walking on the oval with your boys and the dogs. Good on you! And that is quite a bit of weight to lose in one week. Are you trying to lose weight then?

And thanks for letting us know how you are getting along. I was wondering about you and your little boys. Is the older one still attending the preschool and is he happier now? And you are you happier leelee?

Have a good day tomorrow. It is a bit exciting getting a place of your own to live in, well I think it is.

Take care leelee

Shell xx

Hello shell

Yes i love walking and so do the kids oldest boys still in preschool and loving it he brings home lots of paintings and stuff im trying to lose alittle weight not alot but some i walk everyday all around town and everything boys are happyer and yes so am i am doing quite well at the moment i get my car nxt week as well as the keys to my own place am starting to feel life is mine again havent smiled so much in a long time