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Don't want to go back. Help.

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My Ex-Boyfriend of two years and his friends have decided to make a huge joke out of our relationship two years on. when we broke up, i was already at a low and it pushed me to the edge. i suffered extreme anxiety and depression. Now ive moved on and im really happy, but all these tags on posts from his friends are really starting to bring up some bad memories and feelings. ive decided to be smart and not retaliate back, but its getting more frequent. Ive blocked most of them, but new friends of his keep finding ways to torment me by adding me to posts and bringing up my name all the time. ive reported it and saved everything they have said but nothing has been done by facebook because they aren't threats. Im just over it and i really dont want to be where i was. i dont know what to do
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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi tranby,  Welcome here.

It is you Facebook page- so take control!  Sounds harsh eh.  I have endured bullies and inuendo to a huge degree before I decided to defriend many and block some.

One friend asked me why I'm defriending so many people. My answer was that it is my page, my life with whom I have contact with so I'll control it as I see fit.

A couple of ex friend on FB sent me messages as to why I defriended them. I sent a clear message back. Some were apologetic and I had them as friends again, some not so. Life will be so much better.

Take control and be rid of these taunts. That';s my view.