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Does anyone have a relative or loved one with a gambling problem?

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Well well. After game one in the Origin. And who should knock at the door.... That old black dog... Wearing a NSW jersey. Lol you not. As ive heard and seen many a sports lover cone financialy depressed after a disappointing gsmbking result this time of year. Do any of you have a relative or loved one with a gambling problem? I was one. It agrivates and adds to ones mental problems. Such as anxiety. And depression. Lets start a page about this. Cheers.
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Hello Out the window

I am sorry you have not received a reply earlier. Sometimes a post slips through the cracks despite our best efforts. I also think the title of your thread does not indicate the topic. I also wonder if your post would be better in the Staying Well forum.

It sounds like a good idea to have a thread on gambling. I know a member of my family was addicted to gambling and it took a while to stop. It's not just the waste of money, it's spending money on gambling when the family goes hungry.

I think some people turn to gambling because they have become depressed and the occasional buzz of winning makes them feel better. Even losing offers excitement because until the bet is actually the gambler has hopes of winning. Having said that I also feel gamblers become depressed because there is no money left to gamble, they have realised how much their families are suffering. It really is a case of heads the house wins, tails the gambler loses.

Despite the long delay I hope you will continue to post.


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My father was and still is a pathological gambler (5 years now). It ruined my family. I was extremely stressed throughout high school because he would neglect looking after me, making me feel angry and resentful. But at the same time I feel sorry for him because he turned to gambling after being bullied at work and becoming very physically ill. My mother developed depression and is now suicidal. I feel very conflicted: I love him very much because I know he loves me too, but the resentment is still there because of the damage and neglect.

What I learned from witnessing this unfold is that the saying 'hurt people hurt people' is very true- often people do bad things because bad things have happened to them and they don't know how else to take out the pain. I can see that my father's guilt kills him inside everyday.

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Hey Out the Window

Good to see you again and thankyou for posting too!

I had a friend that boarded with me years ago and asked me for food as he said he was broke from his child support bills. He gently squeezed me for food and the occasional loan. I was in my mid 30's and thought I was being caring....whoops....

He had a salary of $80,000 + Company Car + Trips to Austria + Fuel + Laptop.....

I didnt know until I found stuff hidden around in my home that he stole from his company that he would re sell to feed his Pokie Habit. He also stole from me as well.

He doesnt have that career anymore by the way. I called his management and told on him....and then kicked him out of my home. I knew him for years before he became addicted to the pokies.

Some dumb Aussies would say dont ever be a 'dobber'.....I am happy to have been one

The lying never ended

Great post Out The Window!

my best