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Wife seperation

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Good morning

can I please have some advise. My wife has just left me again while she is pregnant. We have two other children together and she has done this before in the past when pregnant.

We have a blended family and my wife previously has four other children to another father. Each of those pregnancies she would seperate from the father so it looks like there is a trend.

She is not thinking straight and needs help, even though she believes she is ok.

This pregnant was unexpected as I had the snip in September last year but didn't work. She also started a new job in January this year and hates me for getting her pregnant.

What do I do? She is Currently living with her friend which she goes too each time she does this. She told me last night via email she is coming to Collect her beds so she must be moving into her own place. She has also told me she has left and it's over and she won't be convinced otherwise.

What do I do

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi Trooper, I can relate to your situation, but in a slightly different way, but my wife left me several times and took our two sons who were only young, and told me she won't be returning, however after awhile she did come back, although it took much begging on the hope that I would change and her to remain the same, this was always the case everytime.
Normally when a male has the snip they are tested to make sure no sperms are remaining, so I wonder if your doctor insisted upon this, because that's what my doctor did, tested me again.
I can't give you any reason why she would leave you while pregnant, maybe the girls can answer that, but if she's done in all her pregnancies then the chance of her returning is good, even though at the moment it doesn't seem to be that way.
Between you now you have 6 children and one on the way, so it doesn't seem feasible that she would want to disgard all of them, I would keep your fingers crossed and hope that she does return, sorry not much help to you. Geoff.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Trooper,

Sorry to read your story. Does your wife have regular contact with a Dr. at all? Would it help to try and make a double appointment with the Dr. to discuss this?

As your wife seems to do this during her pregnancies it may be she is suffering from a hormonal imbalance. Women's hormones can do weird things!

Has your wife taken all of the children with her or have some left home already?

It is unfortunate the operation didn't work! Like Geoff mentioned, maybe it would be beneficial to get that checked out!

Relationships Australia might be able to give you some advice or arrange counselling.

Phoning Beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 and explaining your situation would be helpful. They may be able to offer suggestions and put you in contact with people in your area who can help.

I really do hope you manage to find some answers and solutions. Going to your Dr. might be the first step.

Hope it all works out!

Cheers from Mrs. Dools