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Depression and anxiety & love

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Had a some stressful events leanding up to a week of spiraling into deep depression and anxiety attacks , On the second from last day of my spiral I was crying telling my gf how much I loved her and that I couldn’t see how I would support her and kids asking not leave ect ect and that I didn’t want to be depressed for ever , the next day I wake up and boom the tummy turned and I had the same thought of it’s you and her that’s the problem all day over over , I couldn’t sleep and against advice I split with her.

she has been so supportive and helped me as best she can , but I still had the thoughts and couldn’t shake them , I decided to try again but after 2 weeks of thought she decided it wasn’t best we so I do it , which set me back , . What I don’t understand is why I’m still having the thoughts bug now it’s flipped 180 and it’s telling me I messed up as she’s everything you want now I feel like I wdon’t na be with her but it also makes me feel anxious too - it’s like I do but I don’t but I do

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Valued Contributor

Hi Hopeful,

What a stressful, emotional and confusing time it has been for you. I hear how distressed and overwhelmed you are...

It must be so painful and confusing to have your emotions fluctuate so much when it comes to how you feel about your girlfriend. I feel that would be so exhausting...

I was thinking maybe it would help to talk to someone about your mood. It does sound all over the place at the moment. I feel perhaps if you find a way to settle your mood, you might also start feeling more clarity when it comes to your relationship...

Reaching out here is fantastic but I was thinking maybe you might like to talk to a professional as well. I often suggest that a good start is to book an extended appointment with your GP where s/he can assess your mental health. If deemed appropriate, s/he can then give you a mental health care plan, which will entitle you to a certain number of Medicare rebatable psychologist visits. Perhaps you might like to consider this option (if you haven’t already)...just a gentle idea...

Plus of course you’re most welcome here. You can write as much as you like to share and get those feelings out, ask questions, vent, etc.

A lot of people find it cathartic to feel a little less alone in their struggles. So if you feel comfortable, it would be great to hear from you again. I feel there are many compassionate and kind people here on the forums who would like to support you.

Kind and caring thoughts,