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Dealing with own emotion

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I need some help dealing with my own emotions. I was born overseas. When I was young, I saw my father hit my mum a lot until they separated. Since then, I've been scared of men. Many years have passed, and I got married to a very good man, and we have two sons together. We moved to Australia. The problem is, my husband is a mama's boy, and my mother-in-law is very attached to her son. This makes me feel upset, angry every time I see them together, insecure, and left out. I'm also not sure if my feelings of jealousy and being left out are directly related to my childhood trauma. I don't like feeling this way. What should I do?"

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Hi Wan,

Yes this can lead to childhood trauma and wanting the same relationship like your partner and his mum have, if you didn'thave this with your parents. It's normal to feel this way.


Does your mother in law treat you like her own daughter? Or does she ignore you? Have you communicated this with your partner on how you feel? 

Do you have a relationship with the mother in law?