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Daughter's worry

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Tomorrow my husband has a hip replacement = coping okay

My daughter has discovered a lump in her breast. She has 3 children - 11, 2 & 6mths. Her Army husband is away on pre-deployment training before being sent to Afghan in June for 7 months. They have the happiest, most loving family life.

This daughter is my "baby" (youngest of 3). She is an exceptional young woman (33yo).

This is so NOT OK!!!! My heart is breaking.

Please, I don't want to hear anything about thinking positive & then everything will be ok. I don't believe that. People don't die because they weren't positive enough about wanting to live.

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It's a frightening time but knowledge is power. It's the not knowing that makes it so excruciatingly drawn out and scary. Once you know what your up against you can arm yourself to give it your best shot.

So very true Simona. And I hope your tests next week confirm that there is nothing to worry about as well.

Sherie xx

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Thank you everyone for your kind words & support. My daughter had been told that at the mammogram place they might also do a biopsy today too.

The technician couldn't find the lump so she got the doctor to came in. The doctor found the lump but said it was nothing to worry about. Phew!!!!

Just to be on the safe side they are going to get a second doctor to read the mammogram before they send the results back to the GP. My daughter sees the GP at 2pm tomorrow.

I'm relieved but I'm still holding my breath a bit until after the GP visit.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your support.

Cheers, Lyn.

Thats good news Lyn. Most of these lumps are of no concern. But certainly its best to have them checked. Lets hope its all confirmed tomorrow as being no problems.

It is such a worrying time for all. We automatically think the worst dont we? Human nature I guess.

Do you have a new date for hubby's hip replacement? I cant believe they got so close, only to send him home!

Cheers to you to Lyn.

Sherie xx

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member


The results are all clear. Nothing to worry about. PHEW! I think she & I were both so worried. I hope her husband is able to phone tonight.

No rescheduled appointment for my husbands operation. The head theatre nurse rang yesterday to ask if we would travel to the next town if she could get him in there. My best friend lives there so we agreed. Still waiting to hear though. If we don't get in here in town next week, the week after the theatres are all closed for the week. Wouldn't you just know it!

Once again, a very big thank you to everyone for your support. I've really appreciated it.

Cheers Lyn.

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Hi Lyn. A HUGE congratulations to all. Now all you need to hear is hubby's op is going ahead as scheduled.

Again - congratulations.


Great news indeed Lyn.

As I said the other day, its human nature to think the worst. So its such a relief when everything is okay.

Enjoy the celebrations !!!!!!!!!!

Hope you hear soon about hubby's hip replacement. Let us know, wont you?

Sherie xx