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Daughter growing up and I’m lonely

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My daughter is in year 12 and will soon be moving on with her life, but I have only ever been a parent . I work part time and am married but have no friends and are lonely. I don’t know where to go to meet new people as I am awkward in social situations. I don’t want to return to full time work just to elevate my feelings of loneliness. I don’t want to spend all of my time with my husband either I need some gal pals. Please help!
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Tonkalass

Is there anything that you're ever wanted to explore that may be deemed a little 'outside the square?' If this is a time of reinvention, why not go a little crazy with it. Let your hair down.

My son turns 15 this year and my daughter 18. At the moment I'm learning to remember myself, after years of gradual dismemberment. What I mean by this is - when we're kids, we typically live in a world of imagination, excitement, adventure and so on. Bit by bit, over the years those parts of us become dismembered from our self to some degree, replaced by the every day stressors and expectations the world throws our way.

So, a little contemplation in regard to that crazy kid in you couldn't hurt. You might choose to explore something with shock value or perhaps something a little more low key, or both. Perhaps you can begin by creating a 'challenge list', where you write down a handful of ideas and challenge yourself to rise to each one. One of the most amazing things about a challenge list is...before you know it, you come to realise you're on a treasure hunt, in search the most beautiful amazing version of you.

Can you think of something you've always wanted to explore but people have run it down or dissuaded you from pursuing this?


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

You should definitely look into joining some groups to meet new people and find things you enjoy doing so you have a better sense of self. There are cooking classes, yoga, sewing, etc. A simple google for groups around your area should provide you with a lot of options. Perhaps you could reach out to any family members you feel comfortable around and ask to tag along if they're part of any social groups because I know it can be scary going places alone for the first time. Volunteering can also be good because you meet a lot of new people and get that sense of satisfaction from helping as well. Good luck!!