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Child with anxiety and possible depression

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Hi, I hear a lot about mental health in general but how can I help my 7 year old daughter who is diagnosed with anxiety and I suspect that its developing into depression? We are new to the system for an evaluation for any special needs so we don't have access to any therapy at this moment and our current peadiatrition is closed due to covid 19. She has a really good understanding of what is happening and why we have to stay at home. But she is getting depressed that she can't go to school and see her friends. Her moods are all over the place, she is becoming withdrawn, no longer caring about herself, she is sleep talking mostly about wanting to go to school. Apart from taking to her and providing support for her at home, what else is there that we can be doing to help her? Please help.
From a very worried mum.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Lisa

I understand at the moment that a lot of health professionals are still providing services through phone call or video through what's known as telehealth services subsidised by Medicare. So even if your current paediatrician isn't working at the mo have you done a search to see who else is?

In terms of anything else more immediate could you go back to basics in terms of what's necessary to keep everyone sane e.g. regular routines and structures despite being inside, getting proper exercise and so on on?