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Broke up and I don't know why I feel bad

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I recently broke up with my girlfriend. It was a mutual agreement as it wasn't the healthiest relationship. Less than one month later, I find that she has already moved on to my friend, and I have realized how toxic she was to me during the relationship. Despite knowing about how much she lied, suppressed me and ultimately led me on while she started on my friend, I still can't help but feel a sense of longing to be back in the relationship, or feeling that I am inadequate. It doesn't make sense in my own head but I can't stop feeling this way.
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Champion Alumni

Hi KNGSVN, thanks for posting your comment.

I understand how you are feeling but from what you have told us she lied, suppressed and led you on and seems to be a person that wants to dominate her partner of choice.

If you were continually being hurt or the one who had to constantly adjust your own behaviour to avoid being hurt to allow you to express yourself then maybe getting back together may not be a good decision.

Just because she is seeing your friend the same situation maybe happening, and what they are doing is something that disturbs you, just remember how your relationship was and finally ended.

You aren't inadequate there will be someone else who you can have a loving balanced relationship with.

If you feel upset about her going out with your friend, then perhaps avoid seeing them for your own benefit.