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Break up and feeling alone

Community Member

Hi everyone.

Just need to chat. I'm 27 and have 4 kids, my husband and I are seperating after some time of unhappiness and trying to keep it together for the kids.

The decision to seperate is only fresh, so i guess it's even harder at the moment.

My husband has decided to move to another state, so I will not have any support from him (other than financially) and I have one friend close by, but I don't want to dump everything on her.

I have anxiety and depression anyway, so this has just added to everything.

I don't know what to do, my husband and I had an argument this morning because he was out until midnight last night after saying he would be home at 8. He is still living in our house and refuses to leave because he has no money.

This morning he was talking to the eldest 2 kids and was asking if I ever did anything fun with them and what I did all afternoon yesterday while he was out. Saying I make no effort for them. I'm broken beyond words. I can't stop crying and don't know what to do.

Sorry for my ramble..


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Community Member


I understand how you are feeling And it's a really hard situation your in but you got to really get through this not only for you but for your kids too. You got to get him out of your mind as best you can and focus on helping and improving you and your children's lives. He shouldn't have any control over you anymore and I know it hurts and it doesn't help he is in the same house still but it shall pass. Soon you will be able to focus just on you and your children and it will be so much better. Look forward to the future and keep that in mind as best as you can as a goal to reach.

Make little accomplishments along the way and celebrate them regardless of the people around you.

Sorry if this doesn't make too much sense. I hope it helps a little xx