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Being an Old Soul

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Currently whilst being on my hiatus of self growth and discovery I have particularly noticed that I have a tendency to feel incredibly lonesome and wanting, wishing and seeking to find my tribe. I'm an eccentric, passionate, flamboyant and charismatic young person who is just merely wanting to find my place in the world. It has become apparent, to me that it is awfully difficult to find others of my age bracket that wear vintage clothes, admire antique furnishings, listen to psychedelic , classic, experimental rock/blues music or even have an idea of what I am talking about. I find my generation far too superficial, perhaps needy and undetermined to be different and unusual. I flaunt my uniqueness wherever I go with bold, loud and fierce vintage styles (consisting of loads of flowers, colours and my wicked collection of go go boots too) Like I said I'm confident with who I am and what I like ; I would NEVER change for the world... I just feel that my uniqueness and capability of freely sharing my self expression may intimidate or even perhaps scare other people my age a way. I am awkward around others my age because I don't really know how to speak to them. One problem being because I am not at all intrigued in modern societies' fads that seem to go out style within five minutes.. like I said I would rather sip my herbal tea and listen to my records on my turntable than attend drug or alcohol parties.

I also live in an area that does not really seem to encourage nor support my idea of being unusual. The environment around me makes me think that self expression is not acceptable and I should just be restricted to supporting the ways of the so called 'social NORM'



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Hi PF,

Thanks for posting this. I am an old soul as well. Try googling old soul and having an in depth more read. Not because you do not know about yourself, more so to help along your journey in life. I have struggled immensely since I was born. No one wants to be alone, cruising through life alone and lonely. I can certainly relate to wanting to find your tribe of people. I was very pleased to read you would NOT change for the world because you are needed as you are and for who you are. I also understand that making this choice leads to more isolation and frustration. It's hard for us. I am not sure how old you are, I am 40 years old. I have lost my entire family now so I am truly very alone and very lonely. I also have no friends for many reasons. Being an old soul I find it hard to make friends. I know I am different and unusual. More times than not i just end up being used, hurt and discarded. It is even harder when you SEE not just with your eyes but your soul why it has happened and there is not a lot you can do about it. I long for friendships in my heart. I had a very difficult life, abuse all the way through till five months ago so now I am working on never ever being abused again. I have made significant changes in the last five months and am waking up more and more. Just want to say thank you for posting from one old soul to another.

Much appreciated for your rather thought provoking and immensely intriguing response. It’s good to see the ultimate beauty in things. I particularly am quite fond of finding beauty in nature and preowned things. Philosophy helps me quite a bit too. I am a deep thinker. I am particularly grateful that this post of mine has made you not feel so alone or isolated. I posted it rather spontaneously without really thinking about the fact that anyone would respond. The world needs more precious old souls like us. The world needs more authenticity and realism. The world needs us. The message I take from posting this is that it’s perfectly okay to be different.
it’s refreshing. It’s cleansing. It’s true. Being such a sensitive and perhaps vulnerable soul indeed attracts the wrong crowds at times, I’m afraid. I’m guilty of hanging around some pretty bad influences in my time of living. The point is to keep striving. Perseverance is key.

all the best,


Being different has a price , and if it's just a fad those will fade away and they'll slip into the norm once they've finished their little experiment. See that all the time, take grain of salt.

But for those of us genuinely different to the core , for life, real , there's prices to be paid right through but eh , no problemo, who cares, you won't change the world and the norm will always be the most , but that's ok. You find a piece in time stating open to the norm too, sometimes they can still be great people and happy for you to be you and them to be them, live and let live.

But l've found my whole life if who you are is true then you just have to do your thing and except that it'll usually be alone or maybe you get lucky and meet someone , or a few, where your all just you/them, comfy, like minded. Me l've found that's more turned out to be in my partner , not much luck in friends as such , so much, rarely. But that's cool too, lid for every pot right. So if all else fails when you find and meet them, your two peas in a pod anyway and all is well in the world, your world , and that can be a beautiful thing.

Be you live you , good luck.

ps, ahh, that was suppose to say , you find your peace in time, staying open to the norm too.

Much appreciated for your response randomx. I suffer with the same issue. I have had friends in the past who were part of the social norm and due to the fact that I have a refusal to change they left me pretty much. Being true does make you feel lonely. But that is all okay I suppose. At least self growth and discovery is a beautiful thing. It has helped me immensely along my anxiety journey. Your response has helped me in a moment of unfulfilling darkness and unmeasurable pain. I appreciate it.
I’m glad others have had the courage to speak up about their issues too. It has provided me with some sort of comfortable. Thank you again, stay true. I guess genuine and emotionally strong connections build as we grow older. At my age people seem far too superficial and confused to show their true identity.
I will keep hopping along to my own drum though.
many thanks,


Heya pf, and thanks for that , my pleasure.

Really sorry to hear about those friends , and of where your at atm. Unfortunately it happens, people are people, it won't always be like that though keep the faith. You know in your case maybe there's things your passionate about you could join or go to or get involved with and in those find your people, maybe move to a better spot later on too. l'm moving again soon l so don't fit here l mayas well ware a flag. Me l'm such a weird mix though that l really don't have many things like that to do will help but there are and have been people l have bits and pieces with, talk and feel the same on levels, even if it's just over a beer and a chats of whatever that can be really nice too yaknow. You'll find your level in time hang in there , and there's still lots of people will always surprise you too, in a nice way, sometimes to two totally different drums are just quite happy together too.

Lots of things can happen, keep on hoppin. 00


Hi there,

It's taken me a while to respond to you. Sorry about that. I too am a deep thinker and very empathic. I'm struggling a lot right now. I would usually say a lot more however I am in one of my serious, quiet moods. I usually get like this where I'm just feeling overwhelmed and low. Being quiet is a way of coping and just knowing I cannot have anymore incoming information nor feeling cause I'm just trying to manage current difficulties.

Yes, we are needed. We need to be in environments that are nurturing and good for us because the world can just be sometimes too heavy. I find nature is much needed around those times to get away from the mayhem and chaos. More and more I'm feeling I need it a lot. When I do buy my house, it's going through be out bush. I cannot do cities, mayhem and chaos anymore with no place to recharge.

Best wishes to you too and keep on persevering.

You do speak wisdom though randomx. I value that.

Thank you for all the in depth 2quik. Best of luck. Hopefully whatever obstacles you are trying to cross now you can smoothly but slowly work through and get back on track. It takes time. Perseverance is key. I would say, typically don’t over think too much... however that is virtually impossible for us deep thinkers. Sometimes the only thing we know what to do is to deep think and over analyse.

Best of luck,


Oh yes, I too cannot do cities. As just the thought of the traffic, over population of rushing people and pollution simply petrifies me. I do love nature and trees. Trees are so majestic and I do simply admire the true historical aspect of them. They tell so many stories. Flowers are fabulous too. Nature is beautiful. Feeling anxious? Go and take a walk amongst the ferns in a forest! Feeling sad? Go and do some gardening. Truly magnificent!

Thank you for your response again too. Haha. Stay groovy.