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Babysitting Upset

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I have recently moved in with my partner and his family. We have our own space/section of the house. My partners mum works full time and has a young child. Due to the coronavirus she hasn't been sending her child to school. Which ia understandable. However, as she is under 16 she can't be left home alone. Therefore, I am looking after her, which I don't mind but I was never actually asked to. It was just assumed as I don't work currently. I have never even recieved a thankyou for babysitting and keeping her occupied which honestly would be nice.

By the afternoon I am tired from keeping the child occupied so at around 3/4 I put on a movie and go do my own thing. Still keeping an eye out but just having time to watch a show myself and relax. Whenever the mum comes home she says she hasn't been up to anything all day. Which isn't the case as they have been playing/talking etc with me.

The other day i heard the mum talking to a friend about me. Saying 'no wonder she has mental issues.She never leaves the house etc'. Well I can't leave the house because I'm looking after her kid. And she went on to say 'she does nothing all day'.

Just feel upset about the lack of thanks. Are my feelings justified?
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome Emerald Emphasis and well done for making your post and starting a thread.

Life is different now and everyone is under pressure.

It would be nice for your partner's mum to appreciate how hard you are trying to look after and entertain her daughter.

She may feel as you are living in her house that you may help in these difficult times.

I can understand why you would liked to be thanked more but your partner's mum is probably feeling very tired.

would you be able to explain to the mum that while you like to help you like her to know how you care for her child.?

It is upsetting when people do not appreciate what we do. You are also lucky to have a place to live.We are told not to leave the house unless it is for something essential so you are doing the right thing.