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Baby number 3

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Hi there we just found out I’m pregnant with baby number 3, 5 weeks along my partner (father of all children) wants me to abort i however do not want to abort and he’s been saying if you have this baby we will be in debt the rest of our life’s….he has said he will self harm, he has also said that by having a 3rd my 2 other children aren’t good enough for me I love my children so much I put them before anyone/anything….he is the only one that has a job at the moment but I’m starting a job on Wednesday and I’m also trying to start a beauty business (located in Victoria so when and if lockdown ends) I’m not sure where to go I 100% don’t want to abort but I don’t want to lose the love of my life and the father of my children
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

There is a few things in your post that is alarming and justifies professional intervention by way of a family counselor.

Threatening to self harm is a serious matter. He could be using this as a form of blackmail for the leverage that you will abort, if so that is wrong on many counts. Or if he is serious then he needs medical attention, I urge you to discuss it with your GP.

There also seems there is lack of him taking responsibility for his 50% of getting you pregnant. If he flatly didn't want another child why didn't he wear protection etc.

Financially you both will get an increase in family payment.

Re you said ..." he has also said that by having a 3rd my 2 other children aren’t good enough for me "... this is imo an example of emotional blackmail. It's rubbish accusations.

He is not displaying love and support at a time you need it. I urge you to do what you want to do and welcome this child into the world.


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Champion Alumni

Hi Baby number 3,

Congratulations on your pregnancy…

Sorry your husband is behaving the way he is…

Please do what you want to do and have this baby…… finances… you will manage…. Who knows what the future will bring… you could win the lottery….

Your husband seems to be acting very unreasonable you may want to urge him to seek help through his gp….

As for him saying your other children aren’t good enough for you because you want another is a very unfair thing to say a mother has the same amount of LOVE for all of her children…

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