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Approaching an Awkward Situation

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So me and I guess a friend had a messy falling out and we both agreed not to talk to each other for now (or maybe this is permanent I don't know) anyway when we were friends we signed up for a competition together and won. It was a gift card for about $400. We agreed that we would split it but it would be delivered to her addres and under her name. A week later we had the fight and stopped talking. It should have shown up to her place by now but I don't know and $200 is alot of money for me and right now I'm struggling. I'm afraid to ask about it but I don't know if I leave it to long she might take the whole thing for herself. I don't really know how angry she is at me cause she hasn't really been clear on what I did and won't talk any more which is ok but I could be making things worse by asking but I can't just ignore the fact thaf I'm broke and need anything at this time. What should I do?
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Valued Contributor

Hi Lostona Forum,

That is quite the pickle - usually I’d just say $200 is a small price to pay if you don’t want to speak with a person. But on the other hand you are struggling right now and could really use the money, and why should your friend just take the entire $400. If it was me, I’d probably contact the company directly and ask when they are sending it out so you can be aware of when it’s due to arrive at your friends. Then I’d maybe text your friend and say “hi, I’m just going to come over and collect my half of the prize as we had agreed, if you don’t want to be there I understand. Alternatively you can mail it to me” or something along those lines. But I’d be prepared that you may not hear anything back.

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Champion Alumni

Hello LostonaForum

I have been thinking about your situation and I would gently ask face to face....yet I understand that would difficult to do as you have both agreed not to communicate for the time being.

My plan B would be to write a non judgemental email/text and let your friend know that you are doing it hard and if she could show some TLC for your situation and send/transfer you the dollars as a sign of being a 'friend'

Please let us know your thoughts 🙂

My kindest


Yeah face to face won't work, it's just too much at the moment. I can't contact the company and ask as it's her name om the information sheet and they may see it as a confidentiality issue. I think I might just send an email, not sure when?

Hi Lost

its just my humble opinion.....maybe a mid morning email would be nice as its usually when people are at their best compared to the early morning or afternoon that is....

just a thought