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Anxiety, drepression and a naturally aggressive partner

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So I'm 25 he is 24 both have depression his is so called undercontrol while I'm spiralling so far down

for some reason from the start he has pushed me to be cleaner and once I had it down pat it wasn't allowed to be any thing but

i have a 2and half year old daughter we me when she was about 3 months old he also has a 5 year old girl

I have always believed that the cleaning can wait right now is a moment I don't want to miss kinda person specially now with the daughter

this is all new to me and from the start his words were piercingly mean and very loud my parents heard a lot of what was said until they eventurely asked us to leave cause they had enough

this time just last night it wasn't really an aguement more of a display of his "disappointment" or anger really just anger, I was in bed as I start at midnight and had to work through till 8am a big shift and he was home late around 10:30 he came in the house had checked that all the house work was done and cause of a black out I finished the washing machine cycle but dos not hang it out as I wouldn't have had any sleep but I didn't wanted to leave the clothes in water. His reaction to this was cursing and slamming doors of all kinds yelling why is nothing done the clothes on the line were still wet I couldn't put them away so he took them off the clothes line and chucked them all on the ground over night and all

this man had all the dishes done for him including the ones he didn't get to he had his dinner ready to warmed up ready to pretty much go when he got home and the house was clean

i love him but he asks so much from me we never have much sleep I always go to bed alone we haven't had sex in nearly 3 months and he is mental turned that switch off after the mother of his daughter so he isn't interested really ever and intermercy there is none

I can't trust him with anything I say as I am scared I am going either hurt him or said something terrorbly wrong or he just gives me mr fix everything

today broke me seeing all the clothes I had cleaned the day before all had to be done again he has broken many things in these moments but now I am broken over been crying on and off since I saw the clothes also shanking uncontrollably

i also feel as though I've exsaghted my supports until I'm ready to move on from him then i know I have a lot of support as no one likes him

help please

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi, welcome

I'm no expert but can offer you my opinion.

I this your situation needs help. Relationships Australia would be a good start. They are great in what they do.

It had to be fixed and it appears he gas an aggressive temper that he gas to address but gr needs to realise Hus behaviour us out of control. He also seems the controlling type. You need to make a decision for the benefit if your child's safety also.

All the best

Tony WK

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Blue Voices Member

Hi Redangel1991,

Welcome to the forums and thanks so much for reaching out to us.

It sounds like it's been incredibly difficult and I'm so sorry that your partner has been treating you this way. I can see that you've had to deal with a lot and I can only imagine how scary it would be when your partner smashes things all the time - especially since you have a kid of your own as well.

I think it would be really helpful for you to gather in some extra support - are you seeing a GP or a psychologist at the moment? What about friends/family?

It concerns me a lot that your partner smashes things. I think the biggest priority now is to make sure that both you and your little daughter is safe.