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Struggling with workplace SA on top of everything else

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Hey all, so I had been going through life with C-PTSD, but a workplace incident about 5 years ago - nothing physical happened, but the idea of a man much much bigger than me saying he was going to get me drunk and you can guess the rest, in front of everyone on the site - just keeps coming back to me.


I've apparently left it too late for workers comp or whatever, the law firm I spoke to didn't really offer any other suggestions past that.


in a bit of a meltdown at the moment, I also had a pretty bad episode when I saw a photo of the then opposition leader (now PM) at the town airport where this worksite was. basically quit that job immediately, was on a decent packet too. struggled through working at a school again for a year and basically been out of a significant income since then. really feeling backed into a corner and no way of getting out


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the system sucks

i'm so sorry.

i relate to feeling backed into a corner. it's like no one cares or believes, and it keeps happening. 

i dont know the answers, but i am here to listen.


i personally was on a psych ward recently and the nurses kept hugging me without asking, while i was sitting on my bed. it triggered my own history of sexual vulnerability and i feel like no one would believe me that they did it. 
I hate our society of victim-blaming and trauma.

Thanks Sleepy.


I'm just really annoyed and disappointed none of the friends or relatives I told of the incident didn't offer any single suggestions. Well my dad was like "so sleep with your room's door closed", but not a single person suggested what to do. Feeling really let down, just letting people devalue me and not advocate for me, especially when I'm not able to do that for myself is such a recurring theme in my life. I don't know why there's a limit on the amount of time to claim for something like this


I'm so sorry that happened to you in the ward 😞