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Always Forgiving People Is A Positive Start To The Day

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Apparently, it has been said that regular and vigorous exercise creates a 'high' feeling in the brain. So, if you ever experience bouts of depression, then go out for a walk or do some exercise. Sunlight also can help people feel better too. So, get plenty of that. Apart from these things that alleviate depression, keeping life's stresses to a minimum can improve your lifestyle, and keep depression at bay. A further technique that keeps you in a positive mood state is hanging around people who smile and laugh more than negative people. In mindfulness, it is recommended that you keep away from negative people. Then, it will be easier to be happy.

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Hi Catz12,

That a wonderful topic you've started with this forum.

I too believe that forgiveness is key, I read nearly all of 'A Course in Miracles' I highly recommend it for someone like yourself that has such a radiant passion for the power of forgiveness.

Can't thank you enough!