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any Chinese speaking people in this forum?

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Hi guys,

My wife has post natal depression over 4 years. Recently she stopped her anti-depressent completely. In stead, she entirely relies on chinese medicine, acpunture and psychology conselling. It is very difficult time for her and her family. I wonder if there is anyone who has Chinese background that I can talk to? No offence to others, it is just easier for me to ask some questions to someone has similar background. Many thanks.



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Community Champion

Dear Nick~

Welcome here, I'm afraid I know little of traditional Chinese medication or treatments other than under some circumstances Medicare helps cover the costs of acupuncture. I do know firstly that your wife is going though a bad time right now, and that she has had post-natal depression for four years, recently going off her conventional medication.

May I ask your main concern? It could be many things from your wife's lack of improvement to worries over medication.

I'm guessing but I would think from your post there are two things, the first is that after 4 years treatment your wife has not improved, and the second is that she has become willing to try other things.

This is of course just a guess, I'd be grateful if you were able to correct any wrong assumptions.

Do you mind if I ask the reason for this change? Was it a feeling she was getting nowhere on ADs? Perhaps it might have been a side-effect such as weight gain. I do hope in any case she tailed off under medical supervision, otherwise the effects can be unpredictable.

Not all alternative practices and medications are incompatible wiht the types of treatment normally approved convention medicine as found in Australia. There are also a lot of different conventional medications other than one brand and strength of ADs.

Do you think it might be possible for her to visit her GP and discuss her reasoning and current regime. It may be that treatments from two different culture can coexist.

I do hope you come back and talk more


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Champion Alumni

Hello Aussiekeke,

Perhaps you could let us know what your questions are, and we could try to address them if we can? While I'm not Chinese, I have an Asian background.


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Hi, I am originated from Hong Kong, I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin. What can I help? Have you try to use essential oils ?

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Hi, I am Chinese and can speak Mandarin. I can assist you and your wife.

Just wondering - have you tried the Chinese- Australian forum - Oursteps?

Mark Z.
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Community Champion

Hi Nick,

I'm Mark, today is my first day on the forum. If you still need some help, if you still want to have a chat with someone with same background, I'm here for you.

Originally I'm from China. I have 2 kids, the second one was born here in Australia. We've experienced difficulties as new immigrants, and new parents, and the second kid was born during the pandemic. Both my wife and I had some depression. But gradually we're on the right track.

I understand your challenge and stress, at least partially. But you're already doing the right thing, which is speaking out and looking for help. I might have something to share with you. Let me know if you need.