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Wishing for a friend to talk to

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I feel alone. I'm 19 and I have no friends anymore. No one to confide in, trust, or share my life with. I just want someone to talk to. Someone who gets me and who I can relate to and vice versa. I find it hard trying to make friends. I dread the process of getting to know someone completely for who they are. It takes so much time and effort. I have only ever been hurt in the past after making such close friends and having them just drift away from you without a care in the world.

Does anyone feel like this too?


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hi Dragonflies, youve just described me in your post.

i find it very hard to make friends and only end up hurt when i do make them. im happy to chat to you though. also there is a social cafe for under 25s in bb social zone as well. feel free to pop in there and say hello

Hi startingnew,

Thanks for replying. I would love to chat. What do you usually do with your time?

Okay thanks for the suggestion I'll give it a look.


hi Dragonflies

im a full time carer but also have a secondary job as a farmhand. when im not working in either of these obs im studying or taking care of my younger siblings.

i also like to exercise and go for walks as well

what do you like to do?

Hi startingnew,

Thats good you have a couple jobs. I work part time in a bakery and at an event place. Do some babysitting here and there but all in all not a lot. I have a younger sibling and my dad at home who I help out. Washing, cleaning, shopping, cooking etc. I'm trying to get back into exercise... though I do like walking. I have a dog so its nice to go out with her. What kind of exercise do you like? I'm trying to convince myself to try some sort of class. I used to be right into yoga.

How many siblings do you have?

I don't do much. Ill spend days in bed. I've just got back into reading. Netflix passes the time. And yeah I wish I could say more. But most of the time I feel like I can't have fun or that nothing is fun.


Hi dragonflies,

I see that you have a dog. I'd like a dog, we just have a cat at the moment. Some nights I go walking with my neighbours and their dogs. We have a lot of laughs along the way. The dogs are comical to watch.

Is there a walking group near you, or a dog park? They might be places where you could meet other people. Yoga is something I have only ever done at home, I haven't found any classe4s near where we live in a smallish country town.

Are there other people working at the bakery? Could you suggest you all get together and see a movie or something. Of course that all depends on where the bakery is.

If I was working in a bakery I think I would like to eat all of the cakes myself! I would find it very hard to resist.

Hope you manage to find your way around the forum. Like Startingnew has mentioned, there are fun places to visit on this forum too.

Cheers for now from Dools or Mrs. D.

You can call me SN for short if you like 🙂

it gets abit much sometimes esp when im a carer and my siblings and mother live with myself and pop atm so it makes cleaning up and washing alot more and more time is needed as theres 5 instead of 2 plus mums bf decides to stay over too so sometimes 6.

Its good that your helping out though. Good on you.

i ride the exercise bike alot atm but i also walk and ride horses as we own them...

Having a pet to walk i find gives motivation too.

Ihave 2 younger siblings. Both very annoying but i love them.

Mrs D has given some good convo starters too. Looking forward to hearing abit more 🙂

Hi Dools,

I'm not sure of a walking group. I tend to prefer to walk by myself at a faster pace. I sometimes find it meditative.

I actually live across from a park. So I'm fortunate to live where I do. It's great to see people hanging out there and groups of people. But I still don't feel I want to be involved in any of it.. I'm not sure why.

There are a few girls at the bakery I really get along with. I have been asked to hang out a few times though I can never end up going. I just find having to be really bubbly and cheerful hard. I feel like I'm pretending to be someone who I'm not. Then again I don't want to be some miserable person... I don't know. I don't want to bring anyone around me down.

I eat a lot of the food! It's so naughty.


Okay, Hi SN 🙂 Maybe my nickname can be dragon...

Sounds like a full house. Does anyone look after you too?

I can relate, my younger sister is annoying but I still love her and look out for her. I feel like no one else would.

How many horses do you have? I have only been horse riding a few times. It was fun.

Ok not probs 🙂

No not really. I take care of everyone else including myself. Gets abit rough.

Hahah annoying little sisters but still love them 🙂

My siblings each havr a horse of their own and mum owns one too but i ride and train her horse for her so i call her mine too. So we have 3 all up