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What happened doesn't have to define me

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here. Not really sure what to do. Where do I start? Any suggestions?


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Hi Mia,

Welcome to the forum!

You've made a good start by posting in the Welcome and orientation thread (section) of the forum. You can introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about why you've decided to come to the forum. This is a non-judgemental community, on a national level! Many forum-goers choose to remain anonymous, and I also do this (despite being a volunteer on here). I share a fair bit about myself and my past, but I just don't mention my name or those of loved ones, and I also don't mention my location. In saying this, there are numerous people who include a small photo of themselves as their display picture, and who use their first name and mention the city they live in. It's up to you 🙂

There are different sections (called threads) on this forum for different issues/topics. If you're struggling with anxiety or depression, you could post in the anxiety or depression thread. There's a section to talk about relationship/family issues, there is a section for young people (under 25's), and more! Exploring the forum is a good plan, as you can see what is posted by others and gain a sense of what this forum is like. To take a break from more emotionally-charged conversations, there is a section right underneath Welcome and orientation that's called BB Social Zone. This is for talking about fun aspects of life, such as hobbies, movies etc.

I hope to hear back from you 🙂

Best wishes,


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Hello Mia001, and a hearty welcome to you. It takes courage to post on the Forums, so something must have prompted you to do so.

Most people when they first come here tell us a little bit about themselves. Keep in mind that the Forums are a secure and moderated place where you can feel safe to speak openly, knowing that you will remain anonymous.

So why not start by telling us what brought you here? Do you experience depression or anxiety symptoms, have you been officially diagnosed with any MH issues, are you after some support, do you want general or specific information about mental health issues, are you wanting to support others with similar issues to yourself, are you supporting someone else with a mental health issue, do you want to connect with other like-minded people? These are all reasons why most people come here, and the Forums provide all of these things for its members.

I will start the ball rolling by giving a very brief intro about me. I am a female in my mid-fifties, married, diagnosed with PTSD and OCD, I have a chronic pain issue from a long standing permanent injury, I am a step-mum to 2 grown up children and grandma to 6 grandkids. I am a carer for my husband who has diagnosed mental and physical issues including PTSD, Depression and Alcoholism. I came here initially to seek information about PTSD and to talk to others who are going through the same things I am. My psychologist suggested I come here to talk about things I do not talk about elsewhere, to give me the chance to open up a bit. I have no real support network outside of the Forums, so I find them highly beneficial with regards to ongoing support and guidance.

So my suggestion to you is to tell us a bit about yourself firstly. And then take a look around some of the other threads in areas where you have an interest. Feel free to reply to any threads that interest you. I know you will get a warm welcome from other members here, who are warm kind and very supportive.

I hope to hear back from you again soon. Once you establish what it is you are seeking and expect from the Forums, you will likely get many more responses.

Again I welcome you, and its good to have you with us.


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Hi Zeal,

It's great to hear from you! So...a little bit about myself? I'm 17 and was homeschooled. I now have a job in fast food and have just finished an aged care course which will hopefully be a stepping stone in my career. My dream is to become a registered nurse in E.D. and then maybe a paramedic.

6 months ago, one of my friends suggested that I see the counsellor at TAFE because I was stressed and due to harassment and problems at work. I didn't really feel that I had anyone to talk to. I'd never been to counselling before, but I found it helped. Even though sometimes I feel like I'm running round in circles! These last few weeks I was on work placement. I was also trying to support my classmate who was not coping with work placement, partly because she is grieving over the recent loss of her husband and daughter.

But now I've finished my course, I'm not seeing the counsellor anymore, so I thought the forum might be a good way to get support and just talk about some of my problems. I find it helps to hear other people's stories, and to know that I'm not the only one. (and that my problems aren't quite as bad as I think!!) I would also like to be able to reach out and encourage others, and let them know that they're not alone and someone is there for them.

Anyway, that's a brief version of my story. Which section do you think I should start in?

Thanks, Mia (that's not my real name by the way)

Hi Taurus,

Thanks for sharing your story with me! You'll probably see, but I posted an introduction in reply to Zeal, with a bit about myself and basically why I'm here. Would love some suggestions on which section of the forum to start in!

Thanks, Mia

Hi Mia001,

Welcome to the forums. A great place to start is by reading the pinned threads at the top of this section.  Let us know if you have any more questions:

Newbies guide: 5 tips for getting the most out of the forums

Forums etiquette: give support to receive support

Welcome! A post about how the forums are moderated 

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Hi Sophie_M,

I'll check out those links right away!

Thanks for that! Mia

A big welcome to you Mia,

I really enjoyed reading your intro, you sound like a very intelligent and compassionate person. Good on you supporting your class mate, it shows that you are caring and very mature for your age.

You can start in any section, it depends on the topic you'd like to talk about or you can just reply to other people's post if you wish. There are no expectation of you and no pressure at all, just post when you feel like it.

Take care and big hug from beingbyrne

Thank you so much beingbyrne. That means a lot to me!


Hello Mia

Thank you for telling us your story. You sound like a caring person with heaps of experiences in your life. So pleased you have come here to chat and spread the news that mental health issues do not mean a horrible life.

You ask where to post. As someone else has said, it;s up to you. You may want to find your feet by replying to some of the threads already going. If you have something to say on a topic that is already being discussed you can join in. This way you get the benefit of all the replies and experiences of those who have already posted. Try not to start a new thread if there is one already being used. It means you may not get to many answers because people are already posting on the first thread.

I hope to see you around the forums.