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Sad musings

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Valued Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure what to say other than I'm just on edge, cranky and sad at the same time. I'm aware of helplines, doctors, mental health plans, mindfulness, CBT, smiling mind app, distractions, doing things we love, etc, etc. I feel as though I've hit a wall...

I know that I want to make some sort of change or changes but I'm unsure of the nature of this change. A general feeling of unease. When you're deeply unhappy but you're not even 100% sure why.

Seriously, this all probably seems kind of vague and I'm not sure what I'm hoping to achieve here, and I know that no one has the answer except for me (whatever that is...throws hands up in frustration).

All I can say is I think life is difficult and often painful. It's the daily, in-between moments that I find the hardest. Sometimes I wonder if brief moments of reprieve is as good as it gets.


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Valued Contributor

Hi lovely people,

Wonderful DB:

Thank you so very much for the hug & for spending some time here with me 🙂 How special & lovely is it to see you here.

Your homemade summer cocktail was delicious & refreshing. I absolutely loved it!

“In with the sun & out with the rain” is a lovely mantra for breathing exercises. It made me smile & is very soothing. Thank you so much for that.

But about the choccies...just you wait for that expensive invoice! I don’t know how they keep “magically” finding their way to you...

Much love & extra special super soul hugs xoxo

Beautiful friend/darling b: lovely friend, you have been in my thoughts & I often wonder how you are doing. I know that 2020 has been a very, very difficult year for you, my friend.

It means a lot that you’re here, sending your love & support, despite all that you’re going through personally. What a blessing you are in my life.

That carrot cake sounds scrumptious! I particularly like carrot cake with thick icing...

What have you been up to lately?

How are your beautiful boys, your garden, etc? I’m interested to know how things are in your world is what I’m saying 🙂

Sigh, work is hectic as expected. It was always a difficult job, but the pandemic has just made things even more difficult.

I think most of my workmates & management feel pretty drained as well, so we are all collectively stressed (chuckles). But, of course it’s also very hard for clients...

Thank you for the gentle, loving reminder to do things that nourish me. I know it comes from a good, caring place.

I think, at the moment, it’s a combination of sheer grit combined with moments of self care that is helping. Also, I’ve been very careful with how I use my time lately. For example, in the offline realm, I’ve only been making time for friendships that feel meaningful to me, & not just “any” random person.

I haven’t had much motivation to draw lately. I think it has a lot to do with just feeling drained in general.

But, as I said, how have you been?

Thinking of you...

With love xoxox

Hello beautiful friend,

I am popping by this evening to say hello and send some love.

You have been on my mind, so wanted to let you know that.

You are important to me and i will come and talk to you, i have found it hard the last bit, judt to know how to say anything?

Love. To all ❤

b xo

Hello my Friend ❤

I have been thinking of you and wondering how life has been going for you lately?

Is work still hectic & draining? I wonder if things have calmed down at all. I hope you are taking care and looking after you.

Are you reading lately? I haven't been, couldn't concentrate for ages. But i just borrowed a novel by Richard Russo from the library today to see if i can get into something.

I started watching Schitt's Creek (season 1) ... and i am really enjoying it! Have you watched it? I love the character David! I get a few lols every episode, gotta love those.

I think of you often, and miss talking with you. Your "Paris Maple" is going gangbusters, just to let you know. We are having stacks of rain, and then beautiful sunny days, so the garden is loving that. I've been working really hard in the garden today, and aching muscles, which is good. It's been my saviour a few times lately, felt myself spiralling a bit at times, i am so blessed to have it to fall into.

Feel like these sentences are not too smashing, soooo, might sign off for now and send my love, and to let you know i am thinking of you xoxoxo

b xoxoxo

Dear Aunty Deebs , thank you as always for your awesomeness🌞, Aunty Grandz, sending love to the bbffs 😃

Hi there dear Peppystar ☘ Tweety 🐥 and all ☺

Sweet gentle Peppy I just wanted you to know dear friend that you've often been in my thoughts and wanted you to know that lovely one ☺

I hope works settling for you. I know you've been very stressed. Hoping that's settling darlin.

Good on you spending worthwhile friendship time. Good call.

Just hope your lifes good lovey. You deserve Peppy 🤗

Please take good care huns you mean a lot to many 💗

Love always and care dear girl 🤗 super good hugs 🤝

Hello sweety little Tweety you too are very welcome and same goes for you that awesomeness is pretty cool.

Lots of love 💗 and care to you too beautiful. Hope you're doing better too hun. Good seeing you around 🤗

Community Member

Hi Peps

Hope your going ok


Hi Peppermint

It's been a long time..and I've changed a lot since we last crossed paths. What's been happening with you? Are your musings still sad? All mine are these days it seems.

I've had some physical injuries which are taking a long time to heal and a big toll on my state of mind.

My longtime partner died 8 months ago and I no longer know who I am. I am living on another planet and have no road map or directions for this strange place.

Happy memories turn sad in an instant. Beauty and joy and my ocean are there but just out of my reach. My body hurts too much to walk there...i miss it so much.My smiles and laughter with friends are all plastic..fake. I wonder how they can't see that. So very very tired...

Hi Moon

its been a while since ive spoken with you or been here too. Im sorry to hear about your partner passing away, sending lots of love to you. Theres no right or wrong way to grieve, just take it at your pace and ask for help anytime you need. Remember there will be good and bad days. Prepare for those days when you know itll be extra tough.

I also know the challenges of having physical ailments that take a toll on us mentally. Feel free to talk to me anytime. Its one of the things I constantly battle with with chronic illnesses/injuries.

Community Member

Hey Peppergirl

Hope your ok, thinking of you often


This thread just popped on my page and brought back kind memories. Pepper and all those who  wrote on thread hope you are doing well.