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Sad musings

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure what to say other than I'm just on edge, cranky and sad at the same time. I'm aware of helplines, doctors, mental health plans, mindfulness, CBT, smiling mind app, distractions, doing things we love, etc, etc. I feel as though I've hit a wall...

I know that I want to make some sort of change or changes but I'm unsure of the nature of this change. A general feeling of unease. When you're deeply unhappy but you're not even 100% sure why.

Seriously, this all probably seems kind of vague and I'm not sure what I'm hoping to achieve here, and I know that no one has the answer except for me (whatever that is...throws hands up in frustration).

All I can say is I think life is difficult and often painful. It's the daily, in-between moments that I find the hardest. Sometimes I wonder if brief moments of reprieve is as good as it gets.


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Hello everyone

just dropping bye to say hello and see how everyone is,

Pepper your words always make me think and I like the way you encourage others with your wisdom and strength,.

Hope you and everyone is coping.

Community Member
What a lovely, kind thread this is... I would like to join the conversation. 🌼

Hello Dear Peppy and Birdy......🧸🤗..

Im just calling in because I’ve been thinking about you both today...Even though we have never your hearts have touched mine with friendship and care...and I just wanted to let you both know that I’m sitting with you both...in silence...and wishing as much as I can wish that your doing okay...and looking after yourselves as much as you can....

No need to reply sweet ladies...just close your eyes and feel the love and care that we all have for you....

If I could...I would post a picture of a blue sky, with fluffy white clouds that are gently floating across the universe with some golden words written on them that says....” “You’re both beautiful, your both loved, your both needed...You’re both stronger then you think...you’re both going to get through this...and all your friends here are going to hold your hands until until you do”....💓..

Sending you both warm gentle caring hugs....lots of care..kind wishes and a soft fluffy cuddly teddy bear 🧸...full of gentle calming lavender scent...

Please stay safe beautiful people...


Community Champion
Community Champion


what a lovely post with kind words,


Dear beautiful friend and every gorgoeous person here 💕
Grandy, thank you for your beautiful wirds, your thoughts and care are apprecaited so much!❤

Aunty Deebs, you are special and always lovely to see you and your awesomeness ❤

broken568, you have arrived at a special place full of care and love, welcome ❤

Hey quirky, i hope you are ok and managing with everything that life is throwing your way, you are a strong and compassionate soul ❤

Dear friend - i have been thinking of you a lot, and wondering how things have been for you the last weeks.

I didn't like reading about how tough things were in your personal life, and i really hope that you are taking immense care of yourself.

On top of all of that i know you have a heck of a lot going on with work-related covid19, and i am sending so many good vibes your wayabout this. I have been a little close some of this also the last little bit, being in a hospital in Melbourne, so i can only start to imagine how all this is affecting you on a daily basis.

I just want you to know that i am thinking of you and sending you many loving vibes.

If you would like to offload, or just chat about anything at all, you can see you have many fans and friends, and i am one of them 💕

Love, b xo

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi caring people,

Wonderful DB: thank you so much for thinking of me & for the love & warmth.

I wholeheartedly agree that gorgeous Grandy write beautifully. She writes from her heart...and it shows 🙂

Sending you a warm lemon drizzle cake & thermos of hot tea.

Super duper soul hugs from your top student xoxo

Quirky: Thank you to you too for your beautiful words of encouragement. They meant a lot.

You have been through so much this year, especially because of your loss & trauma from the bushfires, yet here you are...still supporting & encouraging us.

I know you once said that helping others helps you too, but still...what a generous & compassionate heart you have...

Thank you for being here & for your kindness xoxo

broken568: I would like to join the other lovely people here to extend a warm welcome to you.

Your post made me smile so thank you so very much. I’m happy that you have found this thread to be full of kindness.

Please know, you are most welcome to join in here any time. It is an honour & our pleasure to have you here with us xoxo

Gorgeous Grandy: firstly, congratulations on your new CC status!

I smiled as I wrote that. I’m very happy for you & also for the community. You have so much love to give..

New beginnings! Well done!

Thank you very much for sitting with us. Your compassion & company is always welcome.

What an absolutely heartfelt post. I felt your words in my heart.

Love, hugs & care xoxo

Darling friend/beautiful b: my beautiful friend, I know it has been a very scary & difficult time for you. I’ve been worried about you...

I understand & respect if you don’t want to talk about it. But how was your hospital visit to see your mum?

As I said, if you don’t want to talk about it, I understand. I’m simply saying I’m listening & here for you, my friend. Gently holding a hand out to you...

Alternatively, would you like to talk about something else- how has life been for you lately?

I have some family issues & personal issues, which hasn’t been so great.

Work is just exacerbating things. We have lost multiple clients to covid now. Clients aren’t family & they’re not friends but there’s a feeling of heaviness & foreboding. It’s a feeling that is hard to put in words.

We’re now preparing for a potential second wave. My personal opinion is we should provide face shields to the frontline staff but that’s a whole other conversation.

I’m holding out my hand to you & thinking of you, lovely mrs b & the rest of your family.

With much love xoxox

Hello beautiful friend, and all friends here 💕

I'm so sorry you've had a really challemging time at work and more importantly in your personal life.

Sometimes when things are crap at home, work can be a respite, and vice versa.

But i know that is not the case for you at the moment , as it's hard, every which way.

Things were going ok for me ... trying to get back on my feet after Melbourne ... but have taken a turn for worse this weekend. Mum is sick again, as of today. i don't know what might happen. I will try keep in touch with you. Sometimes it's hard.

I think of you heaps.

Let me know how you are?

b xoxo

Darling friend/beautiful b (& a wave to all),

It has been a while, lovely friend. My thoughts are with you, your family & your mum. I feel this period of uncertainty and waiting must be so scary, distressing and upsetting...the whole “not knowing”...

Sigh, I remember your mum was doing better for a little while too but now this...I’m so sorry, my friend. I’m sending love & blessings to you & your beautiful mum.

Let me know how things are going if you like? But of course, absolutely no pressure if you’re not feeling up to writing...gentle & easy does it.

Thank you for sending me your love & support. I’m grateful for your friendship. I’ve been very busy & very stressed. A lot of it is manifesting as anger, which probably isn’t such a good thing.

I’m managing the personal issues as best I can, but dealing with covid related things at work on top is exhausting & sometimes just outright infuriating. It’s draining.

But I suppose this unusual time in the world is also making me think about some things. To perhaps clarify my priorities & reflect on what I want out of life, as well as the world that I would like to see around me. I haven’t figured out anything concrete yet though.

Things that have given me pause and made me think...

The BLM movement. How a casualised workforce tends to benefit employers more at the end of the day. Issues in aged care. Etcetera. Etcetera.

I don’t believe any of those things raise wholly “new” issues. They’re associated with old, long standing issues that existed well before covid, but it’s just that now people are (hopefully) more aware...if nothing else...

I’m thinking of you, and whenever you have time (and only if you feel up to it), let me know how you’re doing...

Holding my hand out to you to offering comfort and a gentle hug xoxox

Beautiful gentle Peppystar ☘ Tweety 🐣 Grandy 👩‍❤️‍👩 and everyone hi ☺

Dear Peppy hi there lovey 😊 sadly it sounds like you're very in need of this perpetual awesomeness hug 🤗

Now darlin before you absorb it's incredible warmth, feelings of complete calm reaching every part of your body enveloping you in 🕊 peace there's something you need to do our sweet friend.

Take my hand 🤝 darlin Peppy come on lovey over here and sit nice and close to your Aunty Deebi...wait up I'll just quickly bake a cake 🍞..oops...sandwich ok? and change hats..ahh there it is...👒....there...now I want you to clear your mind completely of everything that's stressing you lovely ..we're going to 🏌️‍♀️send those suckers for a 4. No wait up that's Cricket 🏏

Ok so I've made you a lovely warm because it's winter...summer cocktail 🍹loaded with hundreds of squeaky clean good feelings and memory bubbles 🗨

First up sweet lady I need you to please breathe in nice and slowly ... good girl...yip nice and deeply...that's it keep holding my hand lovey I'll never let go...good.. good... filling your lungs that pushes all the nasties.. pain and stress out of your body.
The rest will leave when you gently breathe out all the darkness...worry about nothing at all ...

So my lovely please do...
... "In with the Sun 🌞out with the rain"...
.....5 times..... absolutely no hurry darl just relax on breathing out...feel the muscles around your neck softening...feeling only peace Peppy...tranquility...speaking in a liquid smooth sleepy voice...😴...oop that was embarrassing sorry fell asleep...
Your only focus is on breathing darlin.

So with each sip these nifty bubbles gently dance upon your tongue with the most amazing fruity summer flavours softly pop while a zap of positive energy bursts out reminding you of happy memories being with people you love people who care about you including your many amazeballs friends here who now have wrapped their arms around you filling your soul only with good happy thoughts and calm.

I really hope things settle for you gorgeous lady.

Tweety our beautiful I'd like you to share that dwinky with Peppy because you're going hard too honeyheart 💗

Sending an abundance of love 💗bubbles and great memories of you dreaming about me nicking some more choccy 🍫...as if 🙄

Hold in there darlin. Each second brings on change ⚘🌱

Much love care and thoughts all of you 🤗😚🍃🐣👩‍❤️‍👩

Dear lovely friend,

So great to hear from you. I have been thinking of you a lot, and really hoping that you're holding up ok.

Life sounds hectic and stressful for you at the moment, and no doubt it will continue that way for your worklife for a while - i really, truly hope that thjngs will calm down for you at home soon (by which i mean, your personal life) ... please offload at any time if you feel it might help.

I don't think anger is a bad thing at all. It just is. And it's a necessary emotion sometimes. Again, if you want to offload, I'm listening.

Are you making some time for the things that nurture you, through your draeing/art/expressive movement/dance? Don't forget to give those important things time and space, especially during this kinda wretched time generally.

I feel like there's lots to catch up on ... where to start?! I baked a carrot cake tonight. Is that a good place to start? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Aunty Deebs, i joined in on the yummy dwinky🍹and also the lovely breathing, and listening to your smooth, liquid voice that you fell asleep to 🤣 thank you as always for being awesome.