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Is depression a natural reaction to an insane world?

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This is a thought I have been pondering for a while.

The default to view depression as "something wrong", or a "brain chemical imbalance" or as "a disease" or something that "needs to be fixed" or requires "medication" or "therapy" appears to be the most common response of practically everyone. 

From doctors, to psychiatrists, to therapists, to the general population, to the depressed individuals themselves... the universal belief appears to be that "the person needs to get help".

But what if... the living in depressed state is correct? What if it isn't an "imbalance" or isn't something "wrong"? What if being depressed is the only natural state to be in for an intelligent, empathetic, compassionate, informed, thinking individual to exist in the current state of our world?

What if to NOT be depressed about is the true indication of mental sickness?

I'm not saying that being depressed is fun in any way... most people on this forum would be well aware that it sucks. But that is not what I'm saying. 

What I mean is... could existing in a state of depression be completely natural for someone living in a place where so many things are obviously terrible... both on a personal level and in the world as a whole?

My reasons for this perspective are numerous. Far too many to write in only 2500 words. But basically...

The real world is an extremely depressing place for any person that cares at all about anything outside of themselves.

Eg. If you care about animals... the reality is many beautiful species are already lost forever, many others are so close to the verge of extinction that even if everyone worldwide decided to do everything they could to save them... they would still be lost. At home there are people that still buy people animals as christmas gifts, refuse to desex their pets, the massive amount of pets put down in pounds annually. There is backyard animal cruelty, the dog racing industry using live bait, shooting race horses with legs, women's hormonal treatments for menapause, the meat industry, birds choking on our plastic half a world away, overfishing. The list goes on and on.

It is reality and it is depressing. Care about animals and feeling "depressed" about it IS correct. And that is one tiny subject in a plethora of subjects.

3 billion people in starving poverty, the water wars, religious fanatics, corrupt governments, womens rights violations, slavery, wars, child rape, etc etc

It's the people that are not depressed that worry me.

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Hi unbeliever, you are spot on...it is a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply....it can be a fine line between being a caring deep thinker and being oversensitised through chemical imbalances in the brain.

I do understand your point. Good thread..Interesting. Paul

Hi Unbeliever, I just read your original post because, like everyone else in this thread, your theory really interests me. I totally agree with you. I actually believe that the majority of people are depressed, they're just in denial about it. And those who aren't? Psychopaths... I joke, but I will back up my point by saying this. I'm relatively new to these forums and what has struck me so much is the way we can all communicate so honestly about our problems in here and how we're listened to, supported and never told that we're being a downer. That last one is KEY. I feel normal in here, I don't feel like the depressive downer at the dinner party which is a feeling we've all felt before I'm sure!

Hi Rhes (sorry to hijack your thread Unbeliever )

What a great post and thankyou heaps for the compliment too!

Your last point is gold. I have had acute anxiety since 1983...and depression since 1996..and see docs etc etc

I think the beauty of the forums are that they are a non judgemental zone. We can listen...a lot...and answer any questions that may help others too...but you (and Unbeliever) are part of the family here...

Life is becoming faster and faster and thus opens the gate for people to try to keep up. I agree with you...there are many more people that are depressed than we know

Great post

My Kind thoughts


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Valued Contributor

I think I am the outlier in this discussion, but here goes haha... I don't believe the majority of people are depressed and in denial. That would be a bit like saying that the majority of people are diabetic and in denial because they like to eat sugary foods.

It's wonderful that we can make sense of our depression and find comfort here by knowing that we are not alone in feeling what we feel, but I get concerned when I feel that people try to make depression out to be some sort of heroic badge to wear, that we are somehow more insightful than everyone else. It is an illness, a very serious one in some cases, and something to be managed, not celebrated. But that's just my view.

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Hi Jess, nice to meet you. I probably joked too much in that post and I have been feeling bad about it (on that note, thanks Paul for your kind comments, glad you liked the post). Yes depression is a serious issue and disease and so many out there suffer in silence about it (that's what I meant about majority of people). And when we have it, we don't want it, so I don't know who's wearing it as a badge of honour. Talking about depression in new and radical ways is not celebrating it, it's trying to find a solution to a big problem. I think anyone who suffers from depression is very entitled to voice their own theories about the disease. After listening to the medical community for so long, maybe it's time to hear from the patients too.

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what a brilliant post unbeliever, I have been feeling the same for some time. Depression has to be a very sane reaction to anyone who is awake in the 21st century. I also believe trying to always treat it when its a very sensible reaction to an insane world can create impotence to fight the problems facing us all. I dont say that lightly as I have had severe depression most of my life and I know how bad it can be.

Hey Post

you are spot on about Rhes's post being brilliant and well said too! Good to see you again by the way 🙂

I appreciate your opinion on depression and the reasons you think it exists in the first place.

The world may be going a lot faster than it used to but even with 34 years of mental illness I could never blame the world for the cause and affect for my depression. Thats just my opinion of course.

Im just sad that you view the world in such a bad light when you cant see the good that surrounds us even with this awful illness...with respect to you and your illness of course

Your thoughts/opinions are always welcome on the forums Post


Hello PostTrumpApocalypse, I agree that it can be useful to use your depression or anger about the world to move forth and try to make positive changes within it. That, to my mind, would form part of 'treatment' (treatment doesn't have to be medical, it just means dealing with your depression in a positive way, to my mind anyhow). The original post in this thread seemed content to wallow in the worst aspects of our world without acknowledging any of its positives. For those who think the world is in a sorry state today, I think an afternoon at the library reading some history books is in order. We don't know how lucky we are.

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I agree with you here. Despite the conclusion that I often come to, that the world is as it should be..
I agree the world is getting sick like a cancer-ridden organism. Only difference is that this organism called Earth is going to recover once we self destruct, or alternatively, we painfully learn the hard lesson to ultimately wise up and live in harmony and synchronicity with the world, each other and the universe. Till then, we have over-population, some of which are discovering the consumerist lifestyle (India and China) and they have quite an appetite. The worst is yet to come.. And those thoughts are the ones that plague ME at least.. As a globally aware world citizen, I can see the nefarious forces at work, unstoppable, plotting corporate world domination, war as tool of chaos and subsequent restructuring to suit.. Some would say "Rise up!.." Too late.. Why? Because most people are doped white mice in a college lab.. running around shopping, feeding and working futile jobs.. So, yes you're right! You're depressed because you woke up and realised you cant escape your little caged running wheel.. You can escape it but the system wont like one less tax-paying citizen. Thats what we'll become in a global corporate system. We will become corporate property. Thats right. We wont even own ourselves.. We dont anyway really, but this ownership is a legally binding and we will be inmates with centralised records from financial to penal and everything in between.. Some would say there will be a change, a new paradigm that will spread like a pathogen, unstoppable.. Possibly.
Till then, some of us will have to juggle this reluctant game to the best of our ability..

Remember: Life is inescapable.

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Wow! ... BB also provides a platform for the "end of the world is nigh" idealogues with various degrees of depression and/or anxiety and all the fancy words, what a fascinating insight. I'm a little more basic than all of that but do relate to a lot of what has been said in all of these posts. I spend too much time trying to get a handle on the meaning of and reasons for depression along with anxiety (not sure if both go hand in glove generally but they do with me). I have tried various meds and several psychs and counsellors and have found the experience enlightening to the point that I now believe no-one, no matter how credentialed can walk in my shoes and experience what I feel and understand how I think. I believe that my depression has no real answer to its origin, there's a bit of absent parenting, a bit of same sex orientation, a bit of family tragedy, a bit of relationship breakdowns and other not so remarkable life happenings, none of which I put down to my significant debilitating condition. I sometimes experience what it is like to be "normal", that is, the fog and heaviness of depression lifts for fleeting moments which is euphoric in its duration so I live in hope that that feeling of freedom becomes permanent. I have enjoyed reading the posts in this thread kicked off by "Unbeliever" as some of the comments touch on my wonder of why there is anything. Putting personal belief systems aside, when I stare at the night sky and ask "why", it puts into perspective my tiny little place in the scheme of things and for a brief moment my depressed state takes a holiday. I'm not yet a convert to a global conspiracy of the world is depressed and we aren't school but it is an interesting take. My depression is mine and the elephant that sits on my chest is now my friend, he has to be because he won't leave for any length of time. I accept my depression as part of me and I live in acceptance of it. Other than doing my head in wondering why there is anything, I cope with my lot waiting for "it" to lift and let me enjoy whatever time I have left. Cheers all.