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i need help please

Community Member

is there anybody there

i need some help i cant cope with this anymore please help

- jackson

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do you mean safe from self harm and stuff, yes

this is just so hard

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thanks cmf

yes mostly

hey Jackson

if you want can you let us know how you are going?

here for you


Hi Jackson1994,

Based upon your posts seeking urgent assistance we believe you are in a situation of distress. We urge you to reach out to either: If you are in immediate danger, please call 000.


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Jackson, we're here to help you and sit beside you to help you stay safe. Are you able to tell us a bit about yourself. As Paul said this is a very supportive place to talk.

If you're struggling to talk about your distress, maybe start with a bit about you, like how old you are, if you live on your own etc. Just whatever you want to tell us so we can keep you company.

May I ask you though, do you need any medical attention at the moment?


omg in a situation of distress because i might get kicked out of my house soon i cant pay rent

and i feel so sick about everything including my job and i miss my brother who died

im not going to kill myself or anything chill out

yeah just talking, company is the best for me right now ok i will answer the questions no i dont need medical attention im ok

I am 23 i live with some housemates, some things i really like are surfing, music, dogs, skateboarding, i have 1 brother who we lost in 2015 and 2 step siblings

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Oh that's good to hear mate. That's what we need to know first. Now we can chat. Whatever you'd like to talk about.

And, feel free to ask questions if you want. Anything you want to know.