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Anxiety issue

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Hi all,

I took abit of convincing myself to join the forums and write in here but just wanted some advice.

in the past two weeks, I have had anxiety spiralling out of control, I am unable to concentrate at work or at home, I continually think of the worst case scenario in anything, I wake up in the middle of the night having panic attacks (heart racing, in shaking, heavy breathing) I haven't slept more than 4 hours each night and during the day I am in a constant stressed state that by 2 pm I am tired as can be, I hate being alone, if I'm driving I feel the need to call someone just so I can get my mind off my anxiety and contanst worry feelings. I have lost my appetite, eating maybe one meal a day simply because I cannot eat. I have tried natural over the counter medicine to try and alleviate the anxiety and calm me down but they don't work.... Does this sound like GAD and should I see a doctor about medication?

thank you in advance for your replies.


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Hi Jay

welcome to the boards. I'm sorry you're experiencing that, it sounds terrible. I definitely suggest you go and have a chat to your GP about this, they will have a better idea of how to treat it. I've learnt just how valuable and important it is to have a good GP I feel comfortable talking to and am open and honest with, if you don't have this, I'd even suggest finding a new GP.

best of luck, keep us updated


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Hello Jay

Thanks for reaching out and welcome. Great advice from Deb above by the way

Your symptoms are identical to mine when my anxiety fired up in 1983 when I was 23. Its an awful place to be in

You are very smart to calling people from your car as a distraction (coping mechanism)...excellent

I would make an appointment with a good GP (that has an interest in anxiety) as soon as you can Jay. This is no different to a physical illness....it does need treatment and the sooner you see the GP the quicker you will find some relief.

I tried natural remedies for years and nothing happened. The medications for anxiety are there to help you heal. They are not a total fix but will provide you will the relief you need as well as platform on which you can heal. (with regular visits to your GP too)

It is an anxiety problem.

There are many super kind people here than can help you Jay. You are more than welcome to post back as many times as you wish:-)

Please let us know how you go

My Best for you Jay


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Thank you for your responses, I saw a doctor who prescribed some medication and wants me to see a psychologist, which I just don't know if I am ready for. The GP was good and asked a lot of questions, she did give medication for GAD.

given my symptoms noted earlier does see a psychologist help with this? I can't see how breathing exercises and meditation will take my minds off things

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Hi BballJ

I have similar symptoms as you - panic attacks, heart racing, shaking inside and out, rapid heavy breathing. My GP gave me medication which has reduced all of these symptoms. I find speaking honestly and openly to my psychologist and taking their advice on board helps.

Welcome to the forum


Hi Jay, Thanks for posting back 🙂

Tech has really made a great point Tech Said: "I find speaking honestly and openly to my psychologist and taking their advice on board helps"

The only reason I quoted Tech is due to some people only give the psychologist 'bits & pieces' to work with.

Good on you for having all that organised too Jay..A psychologist is a great decision....and a GP too..you have done well...a huge step towards recovery.

My Best


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Again thank you for your very nice responses, you have no idea how much it is appreciated to talk to people who have experienced what I am currently going through.

I have a question regarding something that just happened, I had my medication this morning, first day mind you and was feeling ok very tired but, however something happened at work and I started freaking out, couldn't sit down, my heart was pounding, felt like I was losing control... It wasn't until I got an answer I needed to say what had happened was ok, I then calmed down.

what do you do normally in these situations, I thought the medicine is meant to control that happening, or is that just something you can't control.

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Also, anyone else got advice for the mental side of anxiety, I understand the medication helping the physical nerves but I am a bad over thinker and dwell on things turning them into really bad things in my mind. really struggling.

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Hi all,

any advice on the above, anyone got any advice with overthinking and mind just running riot which leads to really bad anxiety... I just don't know how to switch it off.

Anxiety is the pits.

The mouse on the wheel around and around and around and around is the anxiety.

Everyone is different but I've realised that my personality and temperament is a "flusher". I have to flush stuff out to bring down my arousal and the only way I know how is to talk and tell.

I was a pressure cooker waiting to burst my entire childhood in a family that expressed zero emotion and never acknowledge my own internal landscape. So I had to do it for myself or melt away into nothing.

I had to speak my truth.

It hasn't taken it away but it has helped.

Are you an all out "flusher" or do you need more privacy and trust with a special few people before you flush the dunny?