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how do i stop crying

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
I feel so alone,i dont have many friends or anyone who wants to know what i am going through.I just find my self just breaking down and crying.I just want some one to listen and not to judge me.
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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Matchy


I'm so sorry to hear of your chook's passing. It's so sad when this happens. I have one ailing chicken atm, she seems to be bouncing back but is not 100% like the other girls. 


It's difficult being lonely. I have found my best company is YouTube. I know I have kids at home but they're seldom home and in their rooms most of the time when they are. Basically I'm just a cook and bottlewasher or cook and laundry maid. I know they love me but we seldom spend time together. 

Did you team win? 


I wondered if you decided to get NBN or wifi? 


I think having our own interests is our saving Grace. 
I feel I need to go back to my Church on the Sabbath but my grandchildren play soccer Saturday mornings and I need to be there to support my daughter as her ex is there too (he's not a nice person to her or any of us) and it's lonely for her if no one goes to be with her. 


I want to do so many things but accessing them atm is unattainable. 


You know the forums are always here, whether we get responses or not or if it takes people a while to catch up... it's here. 


Love EM

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Wow three replys I wasn't expecting any  especially the way the new forum is and hard people are finding their way around it.

It was actually the first time I got to watch my team play this year and they did win after having a real bad year.

My elderly neighbour moved out a few months ago that I use to talk to.A young couple bought the place.I spoken to him a couple of times but try and leave them be.

My daughter comes back Tuesday and she has Tafe wendseday and volunteering thursday.

I feel like a cook dishwasher and chauffer to with the kids.It really is full on and I do get really tired from doing all the stuff.I hope my daughter can get confidence with her driving and get her licence by next year.I get some nervous teaching her.

My anxiety has been really terrible of late and don't even know what I am really anxious about.

I seem to be taking forever to do things these days and have a million projects I should be doing and dosnt help that everything is so expensive these days.


Community Member

Hi Mark,

Well I'm glad your team won the footy!

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate lately and maybe you are a bit over-tired as well as having a lot to do and think about.

It would be great if your daughter gets her driver's licence! That would give her confidence too. How is your son doing?

Yes everything is so expensive I'm finding it difficult. I just scrape by each fortnight now. I think most people are finding it tough going.

Maybe it was good you took time out to watch the football, maybe you need to treat yourself a bit more often.

Today has been miserably cold and bleak here and it can really affect how I feel - some sunshine would make such a difference! It's days like this I can easily feel a bit blah.

Maybe we'll all feel a bit better when Spring hits!

Hang in there! 🙂👍

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Hanna the last few days here have been nice during the day with cold mornings and evenings.Rain is forecast for midweek.

I always feel down on gloomy days and cold days.I like sitting in front of the fire on those days.

I do a lot more driving these days taking my daughter to Tafe a volunteering and spend a lot of money on fuel these days.Yes so many people are finding it harder with the cost of living.When I was 17 it cost me about $2 to fill my motorbike up and now my motorbike cost me  $40.

  • My cat follows me around like a puppy dog.She is asleep on my bed now staying warm.

Community Member

Hi Mark,

We had sleet here this morning! It was a really bleak day and I felt really gloomy! I can relate to you feeling gloomy on dreary days, that was me today! I think even my dog Sam felt blah!

When I was a teenager I had a pet cat who used to walk down the street with me and sit waiting with me for the school bus. Sometimes he even got on the bus with me, and everyone had to wait while I got him off! Cats can be wonderful companions.

A motorbike must be nice, I've always wanted to ride on a Harley, it's on my bucket list!

Keep warm! 🙂🐩🏍🐈🐱