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Feeling down due to fatigue & undiagnosed health issues

Elizabeth CP
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I haven't been using the forums much apart from a couple of responses to others posts. I stopped as I was too busy & trying to keep up with the forums was becoming too stressful. In September My husband went to Europe which was great although tiring due to the pace of the tour we did. Unfortunately a few days before returning home I fell heavily on concrete steps hurting my right side. I continued on relying on icepacks to manage the pain. I couldn't sleep because of the pain when lying down. The last day I came down with a bad cold which developed into a chest infection later on. The pain eased after 6 weeks & I recovered from the chest infection but have ongoing problems with fatigue & abdominal discomfort. My GP arranged pathology tests. The blood tests are normal but urine isn't. Today I was sent for a ultrasound of kidneys & bladder. Next week I have a gastroscopy & colonoscopy. My stress levels seem to be escalating out of proportion each time I see the GP & get sent for more tests. Prior to my accident my mental health issues were settling down but the last week it is much worse. I have lost my temper a few times in the last week without much provocation. This is not normal for me. I have been on a diet for several months but I am now finding it really hard to stick to it I just want to go & eat food I know will make me feel worse. The diet is a healthy one which I normally find easy to stick to because the food is satisfying.

I just want to get back on track & feel in control of my life & not feel so stressed & down. I also feel guilty for feeling this way because There is no confirmation of a serious illness.

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I didnt mean you specifically. just thinking out loud if thats okay!. I have learned after having chronic anxiety since 1983...that meds are crucial as healing platform ...If anyone's

* anxiety issues prevents them from functioning on day to day basis

* anxiety attacks are debilitating or hyperventilation is or has been present

* night sweats...nightmares...ongoing difficulty in having a decent nights sleep

* difficulty being in traffic..loss of confidence....digestive issues etc etc

* overthinking and /or catastrophizing about something that hasnt happened yet

These are only some symptoms of chronic anxiety for anyone Elizabeth. If these symptoms are allowed to persist over a period of time without the appropriate treatment they can lead to more serious issues

Like yourself....I am waiting for stage 4 to be lifted too! Its becoming a serious pain in the rump..ugh!

my kindest always


mocha delight
Community Member
Hi Elizabeth CP how are you doing today?

I'm OK but struggling with bad headache which I suspect is linked to stress. It has been persistent for ages.

I agree Paul that proper treatment is crucial. While meds are often needed & effective for many people they are only one part of the treatment. Discussing with a trained health professional what you're are going through is essential to work out the most effective strategies to manage your anxiety.

Hi Elizabeth

I mentioned in my post above that 'meds are crucial as healing platform'...a platform is only a part of the healing process. Working with a trained health professional is the norm yet some people with acute anxiety require meds for the therapy to be effective

Sorry if I gave the impression I was disagreeing with you. I made my comment re the need to work with health professionals to find the most appropriate strategies for the benefit for others who may think meds are the only thing required rather than one part of treatment.

Hi Elizabeth and everyone ☺

Elizabeth I apologise hun I said and meant ages back that I wanted to support you and haven't but finally have made it back ☺

I enjoy reading what you say on the forums.

Don't know if this could help with your headache I'm having some success with chronic migraine/headaches with a flatter pillow. Mines from the neck not from tension though.

I was going to say I hope you're doing ok I've only read a few back but probs not great if you have a tension headache poor thing. They pull you down don't they.

Catch you later darl. Take good care. Hope the headache choofs.

Hey Elizabeth (wave to DeeBee)

No worries at all...I understand where you were coming from...Its all good! You actually posted what I did. Hope you are doing as well as possible...2020 is a 'strange' year. Thats as polite as I can phrase it


Sorry I've been slow to reply & thank you Paul & DB for your encouraging posts.

I'm still up & down. I was really bad on the weekend due to the hot windy weather. I am worried how I'm going to cope in the summer. I didn't sleep much last night getting up at 4am after giving up trying to get back to sleep.

Hi Elizabeth well I had a slight win I guess you could call it as during my last appointment with the psychologist she said to me that she agrees with my gp that I have depression so a slight confirmation but I’m not sure what type yet.

Sorry I haven't replied for a while. I hope you are doing OK Mocha

I am getting a consistent message from all my health professionals including psych & GP. My depression & anxiety is far worse than it normally is so I need to be doing everything possible to manage it. I can't afford to get worse because I need to look after my husband regardless how bad I am!!! I need to do breathing exercises several times every day to reduce the stress levels & learn to do it better so I can use them when really bad. I have been taught a couple of different techniques so I'm trying them all to see what helps the most. Have a long way to go. Today I haven't done well. I'm supposed to go out every day for a walk late in the day to try & help sleep patterns. Need to be more consistent.

I am supposed to take 2-3 periods of respite a week. This is challanging because I struggle with guilt feelings & concern in case the police stop me & query while I'm outside 5 km from home. I do have letters from my psych to say I need to see my daughter for support. It is hard on my own as I struggle with negative thoughts wheras being with someone else distracts me from these thoughts.

Yesterday I went to a lake just outside my 5km limit. I did a short walk along the lake & found a spot on the end of a concrete path sticking out in the lake. I sat on a rock & practised some breathing a grounding techniques. Being away from everyone & I sat with my back to the sun overlooking the lake so I felt safe from sunburn & no chance of transmitting corona virus being away from everyone. The weather was perfect so it really helped.