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Hi, I am 16, misdiagnosed up until 2019.


My family abandoned me and I am finding it hard to even do things I used to love, has anyone found a way out of this before... 

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Hi, welcome


There is a way out of everything in life, some takes time to find a solution, some things we have to settle for a compromise, something we have to accept... they are all solutions in their own way.


At your stage in life I would dedicate a amount of time weekly to do research on all your mental health issues to learn as much as you can about them and how you can maximise your chances of a good calm and happy life... That's what I have done and am happy.


E.g Anxiety is actually curable. It could return though. Please read the first page of the following link-




I have bipolar also. There is a separate challenge in each of your health issues. With bipolar you might not fit in with others your age so rather than reject people you can learn how to tolerate some, reject the harmful selfish types and embrace those with empathy and kindness.  BPRD is a similar defence strategy. It will result in less people in your life but some people are destructive in our world, those types arent worth the hurt they inflict. After a while you'll know automatically if someone is suitable to be friends with.


I'm sad that your family abandoned you, that isnt a good place to be. I'm certain however that you can lift yourself above that situation and one day look back and say "I did this, I made something of myself without them". That day will be an incredible day. You might also want to pass on your experiences to younger people in the same position as you are now, just like I'm doing today, to help them. So there is a future there waiting for you once you find some answers to your issues.


Be proud you wrote in here asking for help. Many others are reading this and will feel inspired. Well done and post when ever you like.


If there is any other questions please ask