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Battling the booze

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

When the black dog bites, many of us reach for a drink. It can ease the pain, help us relax, block out what's going on in our minds. If it's just the odd drink now and then, even one or two a night, there's no harm and maybe even welcome relief. But for some of us, many in fact, literally drowning our sorrows becomes a problem in itself. We drink more and more until the booze takes over, and drinking becomes all we want to do. 

That was me for a long time until I finally realised the combination of booze and depression would kill me. If I wanted to live, if I wanted to be able to manage my depression, I had to get sober. I did, nearly five years ago, and it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

If booze is controlling you and you're not controlling it, this thread is for you. If you want to regain control - get sober or moderate your drinking (which for many is harder than quitting) or if you're worried you are drinking too much, join us here.

On this thread I'll talk about my battle with the booze and offer advice and support to anyone who is struggling. I welcome anyone who's been there or is worried they are going there, to join in. And I hope others now living sober will come here to help our friends who are struggling.

One thing this thread is not is a place to discuss how much a drink or two helps you. It's not an anti-alcohol thread, but it's not a general discussion about alcohol either. It's for people who are genuinely worried about it or who want to control it, and it's a place of celebration (without judgment about drinkers) for those of us who are now living sober.

I hope anyone who's battling the booze will join us.

Cheers 😀


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Violet, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for writing your post.

I am not sure if I binged alcohol but when I was manic I used to drink so much at alcohol and the drink combined with the mania would get me into all sorts of trouble.

I remember the shame the terrible shame came much later and wondered why I did this.

You have insight into your behaviour which I did not have, I blamed everyone for nagging me and I thought my behaviour was ok.

I am so glad you were honest enough to share and I am sure others like me will relate to your post.


Community Member

Anyone in here tonight and up for a chat?

I’m day 10 being almost dry day 7 I had one wine and now day 10 I’ve blown it completely!!!!

I’ve been a daily drinker for as long as I can remember and drinking at least a bottle a night. I’m struggling, I’m tonight full of remorse for having drunk. It’s not an occasion. Last weekend I even made an excuse to pass up dinner with friends because I was trying to be dry and tonight it was all for what?

Hi Shining_Star, please let me know, I'm here for you so we have a talk.


Hey Star

Yes there will be someone available for chat....soon 🙂 You dont have to struggle on your own

You havent blown it at all. You are here (and doing the very best you can by the way!)

I do hope you have found some value in this long term thread

my kind thoughts


Shining Star....the advice all alcohol counselling services give in big capital letters is .....Don't beat yourself up for "relapsing"....it happens. It happens to plenty of others too...and I would say just give yourself a break, this time, and know that as Scarlett O'Hara said in her famous final line in Gone With The Wind.....

"tomorrow is another day".......don't be too hard on yourself.

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Shining Star.. Moonstruck is right there, don't be too hard on yourself. I find counting the days I haven't touched the booze can at times contribute to the problem and place unnecessary pressure. You feel like saying to everyone, hey I am ... days sober, in my world no one cares. For me finding things to replace the thought of drinking is the hardest task ever. Doing things that mean something. I let go of my life late last year. Turned to a family member who has bigger issues than I (medications she doesn't need + drinking with the medication).

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I’m back, what a surprise! I know someone gave advice to not count in days but I’m so new to this it’s still days to me so I’m Day 17 and this is my 3rd time I’ve drunk. Some might say this is a failure but I say it’s a success.

I even went out last night to celebrate a birthday and didn’t drink but tonight there was a trigger which I’m working out and I bought a bottle of wine. It’s the first time I’ve had a whole bottle since I stopped drinking in one sitting.

i don’t feel as remorseful as I did last time because I do feel like I have more control over it now I’m taking medication. But tonight it was the same trigger as last time. So I guess in that respect I’m learning

Community Member
Just looking for someone to chat to

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi EPett, I exactly agree with you when you say ' hey I am ... days sober, in my world no one cares' and what does it actually mean to someone else unless you have been through the same situation, then it means the world.

Hello Shining_Star, for anybody who has a drinking problem then stopping is a major success but it's easy to have a relapse and that's part of your sobriety and please don't punish yourself.

The medication you have been given does not reduce the effects of alcohol that impair coordination and judgment, however, it does reduce the feeling of intoxication, the desire to drink and the cravings to drink.

I would go back and visit your doctor and check on the amount you have been prescribed.

My Best.



Hello , and I am glad you are learning and gaining insights into your drinking. Your sobriety is a journey as you are realising and it is good you can see a pattern in your triggers. Well done.

Geoff has given you some helpful suggestions.