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Just want to Shout out

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I am just so tired, and I don't think I can try anymore. All I want to do is curl up tight and cry and cry. I am sick of this, and I even feel cross, as I said that. I can't do this, I just can't. And I don't think I want to anymore. I am not asking for any advice really and I am aware of the phone numbers and such., etc. But I just want to shout and shout out loud and say that I am plain sick of this. I am tired of struggling to get to where ever it is that I am going. I don't think I am making any sense either. So since I am unable to shout out in real life at the moment. I hope it is okay with whoever who reads this that I am virtually going to shout out now. I also feel like punching out, because it is just too much. It's too much.


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I'm shouting with you Shelly. You make perfect sense to me because I go through it too. I understand.

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Hey Shelley anne,

I'm hearing you dear. You too, BC. I think a great song to shout it out is - and please forgive the 80's - Tears For Fears 'Shout'. When I'm feeling like you are now, I'll search a song that I can identify with at the time. Try it and google. I'm listening to it now 🙂


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I hear you, I feel you, and I accept you.


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I am hearing you too Shelley anne.

Sometimes shouting out loud helps, especially those is us who are typically a quieter type person. Because being a quieter person you tend to build up so much tension and frustration within you. With no release. Thats me also.

So yes, by all means SHOUT ........... as much as you need to.

You also mentioned that you feel like punching out. Someone once mentioned to me that I should use a punching bag. Take out your anger and frustrations on that instead of yourself. If no punching bag is available, try something else that is available - like a pillow perhaps.


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Hey BC68, V17, Source Shield and Taurus, thanks for hearing and understanding.

BC68, I read your reply last night, not long after you wrote it. This may sound strange thanking you for shouting out with me. But by you saying that well..I felt not so alone in the shouting. So I am guessing that you too are just plain sick of things and such. I did read that once you looked out into the ocean and wondered what it would be like just to get into the water and just keep walking and walking. Walking out of existence. I do think you are on a similar page to me in that regard, for that is something that I would imagine. There is still sort of a strong urge within me, that wants to shout out and punch.

V17, the person who has a pet swan. Yes I remember you from another thread. Thanks for your suggestion about listening to music. I did Google the song you mentioned...."So shout shout let it all out" is what the singer sung in the chorus. That is the bit I remember, as I am writing this.

Oh the man with the awesome smile, and who has been bitten by a large ant... thanks heaps for hearing me, understanding my feelings and accepting me Sorce Shield.

Taurus, I do hope you are okay there? And yeah the good old punching bag. I do imagine that, it is red and swinging just slightly. It is attached by a rope hanging from the ceiling in my garage. Well in my imagination that is. And yeah, I am a quiet sort of person. I don't verbally speak much at all.

MuchMuchMuchLove to YOU!

Your words made the tears well up, Source Shield. All I can say is thank you so much.

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Thank you everyone

Hey Shelleybelly

I just read your shout and your pain is felt so very deeply..

you helped me out so much when I joined in January......and mega thanks to you

Always here for you

Mr Woof! xo