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Battling the booze

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

When the black dog bites, many of us reach for a drink. It can ease the pain, help us relax, block out what's going on in our minds. If it's just the odd drink now and then, even one or two a night, there's no harm and maybe even welcome relief. But for some of us, many in fact, literally drowning our sorrows becomes a problem in itself. We drink more and more until the booze takes over, and drinking becomes all we want to do. 

That was me for a long time until I finally realised the combination of booze and depression would kill me. If I wanted to live, if I wanted to be able to manage my depression, I had to get sober. I did, nearly five years ago, and it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

If booze is controlling you and you're not controlling it, this thread is for you. If you want to regain control - get sober or moderate your drinking (which for many is harder than quitting) or if you're worried you are drinking too much, join us here.

On this thread I'll talk about my battle with the booze and offer advice and support to anyone who is struggling. I welcome anyone who's been there or is worried they are going there, to join in. And I hope others now living sober will come here to help our friends who are struggling.

One thing this thread is not is a place to discuss how much a drink or two helps you. It's not an anti-alcohol thread, but it's not a general discussion about alcohol either. It's for people who are genuinely worried about it or who want to control it, and it's a place of celebration (without judgment about drinkers) for those of us who are now living sober.

I hope anyone who's battling the booze will join us.

Cheers 😀


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Community Member

Morning Kaz,

Hope you are okay today.  Along with your little doggie friend.

I am feeling pretty drained, as well as a little hung over I think.   ) - :

I think its a good thing the scotch bottle ran dry when it did.

And that all my friends were here for me.

Loved your post to Geoff.  Hope you're well.

Sherie xx

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Sherie - I'm glad the scotch ran out too hun, and you had the good sense not to drink the house dry like I used to (creme de menthe from the back of the cupboard anyone? Oh feel ill just thinking about it). 😀

I'm feeling pretty rough mate (just as well I wasn't drinking!). Will probably have a sleep today. Have a good meal with lots of protein for that hangover eh? xxx



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Just need to rehydrate I think.  So lots of water.  And a cuppa now, during the lunch break of day 1 of cricket test.  In case you havent caught up, Smith won the toss and sent the Kiwi's in.  Kiwi's 3 down already.

No wonder you are feeling a bit rough this morning.  Up all night tending to, and worrying about, your little dog.

Have a good rest today.  You and your little doggie mate.

Sherie xx

Hi Sherie. Well done you for getting through last night.

Be kind to yourself today, you deserve it. Try not to think on what is past, give yourself all credit for doing what is best for you in the present and love yourself a little. We are all worthy of our own love especially in the hard times when we might see that least. Today is yours.

A quick Hi to everybody else hereabouts, today is yours too, have a good-un.


Thanks Bayleaf.  

You're right, and I will try to do as you suggest.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it.


Hi Kaz,

There is such a diverse number of personal issues here with members on this forum.

Yes, a great post by Geoff, the most understanding and experienced guy on the topic of alcohol issues on the forum I'd say.

I cannot imagine the battle you are going through Kaz. But I'm hoping, through a little bit of reaching out (which includes a hug from me) that you'll propel yourself forward in a positive way.

As I said, I don't have any knowledge on alcoholism....but that wont stop me giving you a little support.

Tony WK

This has become an interesting topic that has only just scratched the surface.
What happens when you are normally watching the clock, waiting for the time when you can start to drink, let's say it's
lunch time 12 am, don't you love it when daylight saving comes in, because you can drink an hour earlier, so how
do you feel when daylight savings ends, that means that you have to wait an hour later, so in other words,
you start at 12am but when daylight savings comes it's an hour earlier, so in fact it's 11 am but then it ends and 12 am
is actually feels like 1 pm, so does this tempt you to then start drinking at 11am, so this process continues on until you
eventually are drinking at 9am.
Hope you can understand the logic from what I am trying to say. Geoff. x


sorry about how this copy and paste turns out with a couple of words sitting between sentences.

Hi Tony WK,

I was not really sure to whom your post of yesterday was directed?  You had replied to a post of mine, but spoke specifically to Kaz.  

However, I guess on behalf of both of us - thankyou for your offer of support, it is appreciated.

And in response to your hug, I return a somewhat tentative one back to you.  ( - :



Community Member

Morning Geoff,

Your post is very true.  And what it comes down to is the likelihood that we look for any excuse at all to have a drink, and to try to justify why we do so.  I understand the logic in your post .........  xx

I hope you and your little dog are faring well?

Sherie x

dear Sherie, I have been away for a couple of days but I'm pleased that you could get what I was saying, because there is
much more to Kaz's comment which is an important one and can never be pushed aside.
This is my only reply today. Geoff. x