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Anxiety symptom makes me gag

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Hi its ny first time posting. Ive been suffering anxiety now for over 3 months and it came out of the blue. ...wasnt sure what was happening to me. Been to doctors and dicussed all sorts of treatments. Lots of ups and downs. One sympton lve been having over the last month is gagging every morning abd there is no medical reason for it. ...has anyone else experienced this ...its really imoacted my life terribly
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Hi Jill just wondering if you have had any improvement at all? I find I was preemption the gag which also made me gag so I used to also try and say to myself that I would not be gagging today, but being able to forgive myself for doing it by saying well I will just try again.

Hi Nell lm ok...no gagging last few days but my tummy is still in knots.l try not to focus on it if l can help it...l to lm trying your strategy and tell myself the same thing. Today lm feeling bit more anxious and out of breath. I see my gp on thursday as to whether l continue on meds as they have only made a slight difference after 6 weeks. How are you doing?

No gagging - good news! You need to realize that just like anybody people with anxiety will have good days and bad days so be kind to yourself if you are having a bad day. Hopefully no gagging means you can try to eat a little bit. That also has to be a good thing. I think we expect too mu h from our medication, you need to let it even your body out so good luck.

I'm not too bad thanks for asking. This is probably the best day I have had in a month despite a fairly monumental setback so here's hoping that everything is slowly getting back to normal. I had lost 5 kilos in 3 weeks, but managed a biscuit 2 days ago and a small chocolate today so hopefully my appetite is coming back.

Hi Nell good to hear you are doing better and hopefully back on track...yes l think l am expecting more from my medication at this point its been 7 weeks and only taken a slight edge off...going to gp in the morning to see if lm possible on wrong medication. Gagging is a bit better but still struggle with tummy upsets or a feeling of fullness at the moment but barely eat much...l to manage a couple of biscuits with my tea.l get down lately wondering if lm going to feel my old self again...its been a while but l push myself to do things....can be draining. Stay in touch and love to hear how you are doing

Hi NELL I know it is hard to make yourself eat, but not eating is also probably contributing to your nausea. Even if you only manage a piece of toast or fruit for breakfast maybe tuna and crackers for lunch and even just vegetables for dinner, it will help. I also gave days when I feel I won't beat this, but having had it before I know there will be a time when I feel better. Even though beating it would be the ideal situation, being able to live with it is also a solution - and you are. You are getting through each day so keep reminding yourself of that. Hope you can get your medication sorted. If you can get a vitamin B supplement, this may also help with the eating.

You can do this!


Thank you Nell for all your advice...lm really trying. ..yesterday l had a panic attack out of the blue which really upset me.my meds got changed but havent started them yet. Im trying to stay positive and will get the vitamin B...l also was suggested tsking magnesium. ...will keepnyou posted.

Hi Jill the vitamin B that I take also has magnesium in it. So if you can get it that might help.

Thank you Nell l will get some today.Also my gp put ne on another antidepressant as the previous one didnt do much at all. Im back to the drawing board and a bit anxious about the side effects again...hopefully l can hang in there. Hope your well

Hi Jill how have you been going? Did you try the vitamin B complex or some bowen therapy?

Hope you are well.


Hi Nell how are you doing? Yes l did its been over a week now so l guess its takes time to feel a difference ..lm doing ok...day by day...l havent tried bowen therapy yet but l definitely will look into it soon. Thank you for staying in touch l appreciate it. Hope you are well.