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Anxiety symptom makes me gag

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Hi its ny first time posting. Ive been suffering anxiety now for over 3 months and it came out of the blue. ...wasnt sure what was happening to me. Been to doctors and dicussed all sorts of treatments. Lots of ups and downs. One sympton lve been having over the last month is gagging every morning abd there is no medical reason for it. ...has anyone else experienced this ...its really imoacted my life terribly
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Hi there,

Several years ago I was constantly nauseated and sometimes would just retch. I had so many tests done but no physical cause could be found. I just would like to inform those currently having similar experience that the nausea stopped after 7 to 8 months. I was put on antidepressants since the physical symptoms were really getting me depressed. I don’t know how much the medication helped, but with the passing of time I did get better. Please don’t lose hope. If I can get better, you can too.



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Thank you Msanxious for your advice. Im currently on no medication as the last one didnt help much. Over the last 2cweeks the retching has eased off a bit which is a relief as lve had it for about 5 months now and lm glad to hear it does stop. The physical symptoms do get me down but at least lve finally had better ones...did the meds help your nausea and retching...lm glad to hear lm not alone in this symptom.

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Also did you ever get a smell which apparently doesn't exist. ..lve been told its the anxiety

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Hi Nell just checkig in to see how you are

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I was diagnosed with severe anxiety about 6 weeks ago and my primary symptom is gagging. I've always had a hypersensitive gag reflex where brushing teeth or eating certain foods in the mornings triggered it. I had a presentation at university at the end of last year and i ate a food in the morning that triggered my gag reflex and the gagging at that point crossed over to anxiety gagging due to the upcoming presentation. It was the worst feeling, I couldn't control it and really struggled mentally. I got through the presentation and had no issues with the gag reflex after that until i started uni again this year. The memory of the traumatic event brought back the gagging out of no where and i nearly had a breakdown questioning what i would i be able to handle in life if i couldn't control the gagging in public. I was so close to giving up on everything in life but got myself to uni on the first day back. Its been the most difficult period of my life by far. I was waking up gagging every morning, having to take bathroom breaks during uni classes to gag, and i was hardly talking at all cause the sensation feels like being choked. I lost around 3-4kg cause it was affecting my eating, went to doctors and psychologist and concluded the gagging my physical anxiety symptom. i have been prescribed anxiety meds but choose not to take them cause i need to be alert for the high demands of uni. I have gotten a lot better, where i wake up most mornings and dont gag anymore. However when i think about it, it makes me want to gag and can happen even when i am not anxious. I find that i just need to find ways to keep my mind off of it. Living life has been hell with this symptom, but i fight everyday to not let it limit me in life and am so thankful that i didn't give up on my plans. Its been around 9 weeks in total of living with this symptom, I feel that university is triggering my anxiety and subsequently the gagging, so i feel when i move past these anxious environments, my mind can start to recover and the gagging eventually stop.

Sending strength to everyone out there with a mental illness, we are not alone!

Hi there l can totally relate to the gagging it was so debilitating every morning. ..thankfully mine got better as well. I only just managed to go back to work after almost 3 months.Thank you for sharing your story and hope you continue getting better...

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Hi there

Just as l was starting to feel like l was getting back on track and feeling better today l felt rather anxious again and a bit queasy. ..l returned to work 2 weeks ago and it went well. ...just wondering is this normal...feel quite trembly...l guess its just a setback.

Hi Jill G

I am a latecomer to your post. You are very proactive with you health and good on you! I have had diagnosed anxiety for a while now and even though I am in recovery it is an awful set of symptoms to have. I understand what you are going through even though I dont have the gagging

Feeling 'trembly' is a part of anxiety. It is very common and only a symptom of our adrenaline working overtime

Can I ask how often you see your GP (or counselor) for support and reassurance?

I still see my doc every month for a 'tune up' especially when I start to have the trembles....Having frequent visits with our GP can make a huge difference to how we feel

You are spot on....it is only a temporary setback....Just a part of the roller coaster ride of anxiety...

Great to have you as part of the Beyond Blue forum family too Jill 🙂

my kind thoughts


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Hi Paul

Thank you for your reply and your help. I see my physcologist once a month and see her next on the 3rd of June.

Yes the trembling definitely feels like an adrenaline rush and it can come and go or stay all day.

Im trying to just not let it control me to much if possible.

Im hoping in time it gets even better.

Thank you Paul and beyond blue for all your support.


Hi there...lm just checking in to see how you are doing and if your physical sympton of gagging is even better now....like you said l still feel it at times even when lm not anxious