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Very sad still after lonely funeral

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I'm still very sad because I couldn't get anyone to attend my brother's funeral because of covid. I had no way of making contact with any of his friends and colleagues, not for the want of trying, I couldn't get into his phone contacts. I spent a small fortune on putting advertising in the local paper's, I listed in the social media, but because I din't know his circle of friends I don't know if they knew what happened.  It took the police nearly a week to find me. We had to wait a month to have the Funeral because I had to junp through a lot of hoops to get it to go ahead I wanted to meet with his friends to get an idea of where he was. But me and my husband were the only ones there. All I have is this very sad clip of footage. 💔 Sorry folks I have to vent... it's the only thing that I can do...
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Community Champion

hello (and welcome - I havent seen you here before)....

Lonely? Quite probably.

But I also want to acknowledge the lengths you went to get his friends to find out. That shows a commitment and love and dedication I don't think many would have. And it also happened at a bad time as well. I'm sorry you had to go through all that.

If you feel you have to vent about it here, that is OK as well! You have been through a lot and perhaps did not have a chance to grieve properly with all the things you were otherwise doing. If you want to chat more about it... I'm listening

Thanks for your kind words, I don't think I can do any more that I have done, I now just need to go through the motions. I'm my own worst supporter. Cheers

Community Champion
Community Champion

Think I'd be in that group also ... the "own worst supporter club".

I find that one negative thing can smoother all amounts of good we can or have done as we focus on that one thing that did not work out how we expected.

How was your weekend?