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Hello has anyone here seen a psychic/medium and actually have gained anything out of it? Like with everything the psychic said was spot on and for some reason I actually feel free after today like a sense of weight lifted off my shoulders I know my mother is safe and happy to be with her mum and it’s okay for me to move on with my life now..?

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I haven't seen one but very keen to do so.  I keep asking people if they can recommend someone who just doesn't parrot the same old sentences that they learn word perfect from a book or whatever... I really am interested. I am glad you found the experience worthwhile...Moonstruck xx

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Hi KannF, so pleased you gained some comfort from your reading. A true genuine medium/psychic should be able to do this for their sitter. No one should walk away feeling what the heck was that about and or worse than when they went in for a read. I have been to psychics and mediums. Some have been great others not so much. The price shy's people away a lot though unfortunately. Although there are some great free ones on social media.
They can be great healers and some life savers.
 Take care. 

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Hey Kann, welcome to the forums. 


I'm so happy for you that the Psychic gave you comfort about your dear mum and grandmother. Hugs. 


Decades ago I used to see Psychics some times. Not so much nowadays, but hey whatever helps you then do it! 


Nowadays I LOVE to meditate. Spend time directly cuing into Source or God or Universal intention, whatever people want to call it. To me it's all the same anyway. 


Dr Joe Dispenza has AWESOME free Meditation clips on YouTube if you're interested. 
He mainly focusses on accessing the "quantum field" of infinite possibilities, I often fall asleep to these and wake up raised to a higher vibration - more physically well, more mentally balanced, just feeling well lol. 


It's okay to move on with the rest of your life. YES! 
It's okay to miss your mum still and or feel sad that's she passed. 
It's all okay. 


Wishing you peace and happiness Kann, 
Love EM

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I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about psychics and mediums, but it's great to hear about someone who had a positive outcome. I'm sure you're feeling a huge sense of relief now that you feel your mother is at peace and you can move forward with your life.
I've actually been curious about visiting a psychic myself, but I've never really known where to start. Have you heard of the psychic reddit? It's a great community where people can ask questions, share experiences, and even connect with psychics for readings. If you're interested, I'd definitely check it out!
Overall, it's amazing that you were able to get closure and find peace through your psychic experience.