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Losing my beloved Princess

Community Member

I don’t know how to cope with this grief. I am in the process of losing my beloved Princess (Golden Retriever) she is 15 years of age and I have had her since she was 8 weeks old

She is the love of my life and my only support and companion

She has loved me unconditionally for 15 years and been my loyal love 

i don’t know how I can go on without her, I cannot stop crying and worrying, I feel sick

My life will not be worth living without my baby, I have lived my life for her

i would love to hear from anyone that has experienced this loss

i am probably going to have to make a decision to put her to sleep which I cannot do, it will kill me 

I am heartbroken and cannot go on 

i don’t know how to cope and feel like I am going to die without her 


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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi PrincessE

I am very sorry that you are in such a difficult and gut wrenching situation. Hugs to you.

I have sadly walked in your shoes and I know how daunting and scary the decision to put her to sleep is.  
I would encourage you to think about what is best for your baby, knowing that all life is finite. You two have been through thick and thin together for the past 15 years and she needs you now.

You can bring her comfort and reduce her fear and pain by being the final voice and presence she experiences. This is an amazing gift to give.

You may want to consider asking if your vet would come to your home to reduce the stress for both of you.

If you can reach out to a friend or family member for support that could be really helpful. 

I had to make the decision to put my first dog to sleep and lost my second suddenly, perhaps to a heart attack. Each time I lost a piece of my heart. And each time I recovered.

My current dog is the joy of my life but I still love them all. Our hearts are large and generous.

Please post any time. 
Kind thoughts to you 

Hello Summer Rose

Thank you for the lovely reply, I lost my beautiful baby girl yesterday even though she was 15

Today is my first day without her in 15 years and I just want to die and be with her, I feel sick with grief and have been crying uncontrollably 

I just feel so guilty that she was breathing and I ended her beautiful life, she was like a little baby in my arms, she was so loyal, she trusted me so much and I broke her trust
She was so beautiful to me, how could I do that to her when I was so so proud of my angel
I can’t believe I am never going to see her beautiful face again
She loved me so much and I just adored her and loved her more than life
I don’t know if I can live with myself for making that awful decision, I should have let her go when she wanted to go
I can’t live my life with not seeing her again
I feel like I have to go and and be with her, I love her too much
I am missing her so much, I cannot go on without her 

i am so scared and don’t know how to cope with this grief and loss 

Hi PrincessE

I am very sorry for your loss and understand that your grief is torturous, given that it is compounded by guilt.

From my experience, it may take some time for the guilt to subside. I encourage you to remember that you took the selfless road. Despite the weight and pain of your decision, you chose to do what was best for your baby—you alleviated her suffering and ensured her a peaceful, loving experience from which to leave.

You have nothing to feel guilty about. Without doubt, you did what you thought was best.

Please know that everyone grieves differently. There is no set timeline or list or ways to cope. You will eventually find what works for you.

I found surrounding myself with photos really helped and giving myself time was essential. 
Be super kind to yourself and perhaps just aim to get through right now. One step at a time, lovely.

Kind thoughts to you