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My Guardian Angel: Granddad

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Hi all. This post is about the bravest, most loving and caring person I ever had. He is my granddad. Basically, I grew up with my grandparents. Mum and dad weren't that quite established yet, not having enough finances to support both me and my sibling. I had the best childhood! I was well-loved, taken cared of and was the adult's "adorable bub" back then. It was the best years of my life! But like other people's life story, mine wasn't that too different. After a couple of years being under my grandparents care, I found myself being in my parents wings. I didn't knew my mum back then, I was so little and they said I just cried my heart out. Been looking for my grandparents from dusk to dawn. I was horrible back then, I know. But it wasn't my fault. They we're the only people I knew of - my beloved grandmum and granddad. Fast forward, last 2021 the scarieat day of my life. My granddad left us, left me. Until now, still don't want to think that he's already gone. He's still clearly is alive within me, he's always here, in my heart. I miss him, so badly. He was always there for me since day 01.. 😮💨 if I can just see him for the last time.. even just to hug him and to say goodbye to him.. I miss him badly, everyday. Will never be tired and will never fail to love him forever.

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Hi, welcome


Oh, that's so sad but wonderful at the same time. I hope a few more words can offer you a little comfort.




An old porch chair where your granddad once sat

His heart in his hand and slippers on a mat

You remember when he’d laugh and smile away

And you'd return the honour that would surely make his day


Your thoughts are such now that granddad has passed away

You glance at that empty chair each and every day

Sorrow fills your heart and in a way it’s sad

That you still look at that chair and smile at dear granddad


But all isnt lost as you love children as he taught you

And they will recall your smile, your granddad through and through

Yes in that old porch chair where your granddad once sat

Is his heart in his hands and slippers on a mat….


I hope you are ok.