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Loss of family member

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Hi everyone I am now to this I don't have many people who I connect with about my journey with my grief 😭 long story short My Nan passed away from the C word On the 27 of January my Nan and I were really close As My dad walked out of my life with I was younger my Nan would keep me posted on that side of the family because she didn't care what my dad thought she would involve me to stuff etc I am finding it hard with out her 

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Hi, welcome


I'm sorry to hear about your Nan. She sounds like a great woman.


Grief is a very hard thing for us to process and apart from a few things I'll mention, time is the most effective relief towards acceptance of the problem.


So, the best thing for you to do now is to live your life in honour of your Nan, which means carrying on the tradition of being a good person like her, be empathetic and kind. After all part of her is inside you and she would be so proud to know you are living in her shadow.


Plant a rose garden or a single rose. Watch it grow. A sign "Nans garden" might be appropriate. 


Write? I'm a poet and it does help. Write about her so that other members of your family not born will know her.


Do the family tree so others in years to come will know her.


I hope they help.  What do you think?