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i cant really say it all in only this space

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2021 my dad passed away from bowel cancer and it was really hard for me and ever since he has been gone i feel like i have really bad problems like everyone around me hates me my mum treats me like a maid in my eyes sometimes i dont know why but latley  i have been very misbehaved and i want it to stop im dying inside and im so stressed about everything latley and i just need real help and i have found really bad guilt and i want myself to suffer 

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Hi AvocadoAva1,


I'm so sorry about what you're going through. It sounds like you are really suffering at the moment. My mum passed away last year and I went through every emotion just at her funeral alone. Grieving is difficult and everyone copes differently. Misbehaving or being irritable can definitely be a sign of your grieving. 


Have you spoken to anyone other than your mum about your dad's passing at how it's affecting you? Any friends? It might be worth having a chat to a GP or psychologist. There is also griefline which is a support service for anyone experiencing grief. https://griefline.org.au/ 


For me, I coped by burying my emotions and trying not to think of my mum. It helped temporarily but I had to face my sadness at some point. I also dream about her a lot. You're not alone. Use this forum as a place to vent or get things off your chest. We're here for you.