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My Dad passed August last year. He had a terminal illness and was lucky to have kept going until last year. It still feels like a shock to have lost him and that it was sudden.

My Mum is still around and my siblings.


I just feel that I have lost a constant in my life as my parents were always there and now one has gone on ahead.


Some days are harder than others and I dream of my Dad coming home and things returning to how they were. It feels so realistic that waking up and realising it isn't is surreal.


I don't feel comfortable opening up to my Mum about this as she seems fragile. I don't know if I can talk to my siblings about it as it feels odd to do so.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Dear Corr,


A very warm and caring welcome to our forums…


I’m deeply sorry that your father has passed away, no words I could write hear could ever ease your hurt and pain….


Its very hard when we loose a loved one to try to continue life without them….August isn’t that long ago, your pain is still very deep…as hard as this might sound to you, it does ease after a time….When my husband passed away, our children found it hard to talk about they were feeling loosing their dad, slowly over time they did start to talk about the memories they have of him…..which brought about some tears and smiles…..Carr, your fathers memories and love will always stay with you, deep in your heart…


Carr, maybe if it’s hard for you to talk to your mum and sibling about how your fathers passing is effecting you and the impact it’s having on your life,  ringing Grief Line Australia…and talking to them might help you…..the number is…1300 845 745…..


We are also here for you Dear Car, to help support you through this…Please do write hear whenever you feel up to it…


My kindest thoughts with my care…and a gentle warm hug (if that’s okay)..