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Help with “unread” replies

Community Member

Please help! I’m logged in and trying to follow through on some posts. Where it says at the bottom of the post “x unread” when I click on that to see the replies, nothing happens. I just can’t seem to get any synchronicity whatsoever. 😣

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Hi there LooneyToones53,  Sorry to hear this is happening for you - we'll take a look into this and see if we can sort it out. We appreciate your patience, these kinds of things can be pretty frustrating. 

Sophie M. 

Hey again LooneyToones53x,

We have had our team look into it and can hopefully help you out.

The red "x unread" notification down the bottom of a post is just an indicator of posts you have not read rather than a clickable link. You will need to click the title of the post to see the latest responses. 

Another option is modifying your notification settings. To keep track of notifications, we recommend this thread here which explains how to set up notifications. 

We hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions.

Kind regards
Sophie M