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Lost my replies again !

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Hello, it’s AL2. I finally found all my replies just recently from over 10 months ago and was replying to everyone who sent wonderful advice to me!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t find them before. I was in the middle of replying to another C.M. When I was interrupted,  I turned iPad on again and now can’t find the reply I was writing to thank someone. I am logged in and keep going to either my discussions or my thread but can’t see any of the lovely people who wrote to me. HELP please again!!!! I have tried everything I can think of! Thank you anyone with patience to help me. AL

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Community Champion

Dear Amimallover2~

The last place oyu posted was at


I hope this helps


Thank you again 🙏 Croix…there was a good reason for wanting to thank everyone in case I relapse and then too hard to get words together. My diagnosis this year explained why I was having trouble with confusion . I am still recovering and hope to be a lot smarter in the future! 😄! Regards A.L.2