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technical question - how do I reply to someone's post?

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Hello all! I am new to this online forum. I would love to join a discussion in the mental health forum section. But, I can't figure out how to reply to someone's discussion post, or how to read other people's comments on a post.


Where do I click to see the discussion threads??  And how do I add a comment??


Thank you, you tech savvy people out there  🙂 

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Hey divine_inner_goddess,

Welcome to the Forums, and well done in starting your first thread. We'd say that's pretty tech savvy. 🙂

Here's some tips on replying to a discussion:
To the right of each post is a blue " reply" button. Clicking this will open a text editor below the most recent post. Your text will autosave as you type. There are also reply buttons underneath each individual post in the discussion.

If you can't see these buttons, check that your logged in. If you're logged in and still having trouble, please feel free to reach out to the Forums team who can help you out, by emailing modsupport@beyondblue.org.au

Another hot tip - you can find the advice above, and plenty more tips and tricks, here on our FAQ - it's a great first port of call whenever you're not sure how to do something on the Forums. 

Thanks again divine_inner_goddess 🙂

Kind regards, 

Sophie M

Ahh, I found the reply button. Thank you 🙂 

Hi Sophie M, 

Me again. I can reply tp your comment on my post. But there is no REPLY button to click on to comment on someone else's post. HELP 

Hi Divine Inner Goddess (sorry I got your name wrong on Transcribe's thread.)


It is not necessary to reply to a specific person's post within a thread. We can see all replies from every member replying to any other member. If you, Divine Inner Goddess, would like, you can, when you open a thread title, reply to the initial post at the top of the page. 

I'm not sure why you are not seeing a 'Reply' button very near each post within a thread ...  On my PC's monitor I find a row of buttons just below each post: from left to right, the little blue heart 'support' button, the 'Follow Post' button then 'Report Post, then a little further on, the 'Reply' button, which is the one to open a text box where you write your reply. Just below the text box, two more buttons appear, at the right of the screen, 'Camcel' & 'Reply', which you can use after you are either happy with what you have written or not.

All the best




Hi mmMekitty, 

Thanks for that. I worked it out eventually. The step that I was missing was clicking on the title of the post to open up the discussion thread. Git it now. 


DIG (Divine Inner Goddess)