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Ugly look... Ugle face ......

Suet suet
Community Member


Just like to write down my feeling tonight. This has been sitting in the deepest part of my soul. I really hate my ugly face; I hate my body being too short; I especially hate the pimples constantly living on my face... When I look at the mirror, all these negative feeling have put me down and again tonight it hurts. This is me and always be me and I am unable to change.

I have this feeling since when I was little. Now at the age of 47, I still have to deal with it...

Has anyone had an idea how to change your thought; change you mindset? Or at least trying to like yourself a little bit?

I know in reality everyone has some sort of flaws..nobody is perfect but I seems to ok be the worst.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Suet suet,

Yes…. You really can change your mindset and learn to love yourself for yourself.

Start talking positively to your self tell yourself great things about yourself.

Be accepting of your self, if you can accept yourself a lot of the negativity will fall away.

We are given this body for this life……. What is inside you ( your soul) that’s were your light is … let it shine.

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Hello Suet Suet,

I am so sorry that you felt like that towards your body. I know the feeling of not being comfortable in my body. My body has changed a lot since I was a teen. I have been criticised by my relatives also some old friends, as if they were waiting to comment on my body whenever they get chance. Which made me self conscious. I still feel little anxious as my body feels top heavy now but it is my body which is helping me to survive and move. I am happy that my body is still functioning if I feel unhealthy I will think about it but I cannot do much about how people want me to feel about me.

I know it is hard but I love it when I touch the sea and I feel good about me having the moment to stand& seat. I am nervous but I try to look confident by lifting my chin up and pushing everyone's opinion away.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Suet suet,

I've definitely had and have feelings like you. Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see is hard. Like Petal22 has mentioned, we have to accept who we are, but I know that this can be very difficult.

I try to do small things to build my confidence. For example, seeing a dermatologist for my acne, dyeing my hair a fun colour or wearing clothes I love. And further, building confidence in my personality has also helped me accept myself, such as not being afraid to speak my mind or not caring what other people will think of me.

At the end of the day, I hope you remember that your appearance does not make you who are and you are valuable regardless of what you look like.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Suet suet, people always seem to hone in their own faults and believe that's exactly what other people can see, but it shouldn't be about how you feel about yourself, but how others see you.

I know this can vary from time to time, however, if you are suffering from any type of depression, the negative thoughts dominant our thinking and control how we behave.

There is always someone for another person, no matter what size, how you look or what you are actually doing.

Take care.


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This might sound a little silly, but I have found body positivity creators on tiktok/instagram very helpful in starting to change my mindset.

I see all these types of people with different body types and realise I think theyre all beautiful. Which means that body type doesnt = beauty.

And size does not = beauty either. My body has also changed alot and its been hard. But I see all these beautiful people online with similar body types to me and think that its possible that other people see me as beautiful, even if I dont feel that way myself.

If you think about it, there's alot of people in the world who do not fit the conventionally attractive box thats promoted by the media. And alot of those people have found partners and are in very happy relationships. Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder.

Starting to view myself outside of the box of whats conventially thought as attractive by the media has really helped. And every so slowly I have started to think more positively about my looks. Even if its one time in a month that you look at yourself and think "hey... I'm pretty good looking if I do say so myself" is progress.

Community Member

It's all about perspective really. Do you have medical problems? Is your body making you live in chronic pain or are you living with a disability? To me, if your body is serving you well, you are lucky.

I think there are few people who love how they look. The average person has lots of faults and we compare ourselves the perfection we see in the media. However, does how you look really change anything? Some of the most beautiful people have been suicidal. Marilyn Monroe is a well known example, Bridget Bardot is another. Lots of these beautiful people have ended up alone. A pretty appearance will only go so far and everyone will loose their looks eventually.

I am also short. 5"1. My husband has nothing against this. It has its benefits and negatives. I'd love longer legs but I have a petite bone structure, that I like. It is what it is. There are lots of other things I hate about how I look but I don't think about it much. The people who I care about and love me don't judge me for this. They see the overall package.

Also, there is a lot that can be done for acne. There are medications etc. Go to your GP and enquire.