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struggling with my MH

Community Member

Hey everyone,

I feel like I’ve been struggling with my MH for a few years with lots of setbacks and disappointments and now I feel like I have completely changed. Is this a MH issue?

Moods are up and down. Always feeling overwhelmed and like I have no time. Exhausted and tired. Feeling bored, unsatisfied in life, like it’s being wasted. Lonely. Unmotivated, hard to concentrate and way less active and social. Even hard to socialise. 

I feel like I’m a downer and much harder to be social when in a group. Sometimes I get overlooked because I’ve become more introverted.

I used to be outgoing and carefree and socialising was easy and I was always happy and energetic.

some things that have happened since 2018
- Moving home from living abroad

- Dad died, battling cancer (we are a close family)

- New career trained and studied etc and then had to go back to old career I hated due to injury

- Covid, stressful with a lot of lost work and no income

- Really struggling with being home and a lot less active during Covid 

- extremely stressful job back to community service, hate it.

- Another  stressful injury

- Going nowhere. Everyone around me settling down marrying and having kids.

- New career finally out of CS

- New car but then was filled with safety faults, a lemon. Three month struggle to get my money back, through fair trading etc etc

- Another big injury with 6 months recovery

- Feeling like I’m a drag now and losing my carefree, confident, outgoing personality 


I still have great friends and family but I’m just not me anymore


would love some feedback on what to do and what it sounds like.




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Community Member

It’s not good to hear that you’re struggling ! Everything you just stated is pretty much a good reflection of how I feel as well! Difficult to articulate that’s for sure! 
I too know what it’s like to be forced out of a profession beyond years of study due to injury! It’s such a tough time. This happened to me 12 months ago! It definitely does get better though! I ended up finding employment in an area that gives me a lot of flexibility and I look back now and see the resignation as a blessing in disguise. You have not failed, it’s just merely a different path and it’s meant to be. Study and education  is never a waste even if you end up in a different field or on a track opposite to what you thought it was going to be! 
I struggle with infertility! Isolation due to farming husband. I have to travel quite a distance to work. Always have financial strain! Don’t have any family or friends that live locally! It’s deep isolation! Really not sure where to start to pull myself out of the feelings of doom and gloom!

I used to be like you; energetic and socially outward! Loved hanging our with people but now everything seems hard and difficult. Even the simplest of things like keeping a clean house. 
I don’t know if this helps at all, but  this is my plan until I can get into seeing a doctor! Is to take pressure of myself. Today I was supposed to go to work this afternoon. I’ve decided to put a roast on and put a movie on instead. It’s the little wins. I feel that every little task is difficult so I’m celebrating the small wins. If I need to sleep, I do, irrelevant of the time of day. It’s just one day at a time. 
I hope you start feeling better soon and find your way. It’s so difficult to pull ourselves out of it when everything seems so helpless. Just one day at a time and let’s be kinder to ourselves xoxo 

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello LucyK18 & JGBAALC,

Since both of you are experiencing life is such similar ways, I hope you don't mind if I reply to both of you, while answering LucyK18's question:  Is this a MH issue?

Things you are feeling & thinking about yourselves & life are a MH issue when you struggle with these thoughts & feelings & feel for a while that your thoughts & mood are becoming worse, when what is happening for you has you not doing what you would usually do, when you are avoiding people, places & activities you (especially) enjoyed, when you lose interest in friends or hobbies, what's going on in the world around you, or in the future, especially when the future seems bleak... you get the idea?

If you think it would help to talk to someone who could help you sort out where you are at & where you want to be, that would be a good reason to reach out & talk to a counsellor, or to your GP & see if they can help with finding a therapist.

You can always call BB (1300 224 636) or there is the Chat Online link below, too.

In the meantime, you are welcome to continue talking here on the forums.