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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas you might like to try for managing symptoms of depression. Of course everyone's different, so let us know what works for you, and please feel free to add to the list...

Mindfulness – through breathing or engaging the 5 senses

Distress Tolerance – Accepting Emotions and Self Soothing

Distraction – Put the thoughts/feelings aside and come back to them when you are ready to deal with them

Positive Affirmations – Have some affirmations written down repeat them to yourself daily

Sleep/Exercise/Diet – All 3 aspects of our lifestyle can impact the way we think/feel

Increasing Pleasurable Activities – Engage in at least one pleasurable activity per day

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Kate (“David Shepard”)

Welcome to the beyond blue forum & thank you for reaching out to us.  You will find a lot of friends here that will be well placed to understand what you are going through, and offer support to ease your way through the difficult times.  

When I read your post this morning, I was a bit worried about you.  Such a sudden change in circumstances is very distressing.  How was your night last night, did you manage to get any sleep?  I hope you are feeling a bit better today.    

I guess I cannot pretend to understand fully how you night feel, but I think I have a fair idea.  Many many years ago, my then partner also ‘walked out’ on me following an affair.  It had a very bad effect on me.  But I’ll leave my past right there.   

I can understand that it can feel like very overwhelming all the things that must be done to adjust to the new circumstances.  Particularly, given that you have three children (how old are they?).    Can you tell me whether you have spoken to a doctor about how you feel?  This might be a good idea – let the GP know what you have gone through and how you are feeling.  You don’t mention whether you have already been diagnosed with depression – have you?  

Do you have a support network that you can lean on?  If you start feeling really sad, remember that you can call the beyondblue support line anytime 24/7 on 1300 22 4636.   

There is so much to talk about, but I will leave it there.  Can you please get back to us so we can provide you with a little more support.  

(Could I also I suggest that, now that you have made your first post, you start a new thread, one that is dedicated to you and the issues you are facing – perhaps under the forum category of Grief Loss and Separation.  That way there is less chance of your post being lost in the volume of other posts.)  

Please take care


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I love this post!

I have one very specific 'mood booster' - I listen to my favourite music which is Hardstyle (it's like rave music) and go as hard as I can for 10 minutes on the cross trainer at the gym. Guaranteed to get the endorphin's pumping! All I have to do is get myself to the gym, which is the hard part. Me & my sister have a saying: Put on your runners. If you put on your runners, you will make it to the gym 🙂 

Other than that I find cleaning calms me down if I'm angry (throw washing around!) or cooking allows me to really focus my attention on something outside my own head, which is a huge relief sometimes. I find cooking is almost 'reverse mindfulness' - I focus on chopping everything perfectly, stirring etc, and the best part is I have yummy food at the end!! 

Community Member

Hi there. My Counsellor is trying to get me working with Mindfulness but at 61 years I honestly don't know how to apply it. I did earlier tonight start a New Thread - DEPRESSION/STRATEGIES as I have become concerned about not being able to master these self help props that my G.P. and Counsellor are working toward. I have much difficulty with it and no I can't prompt myself with rewards much either. I know this perhaps has not been much help to you but hopefully it might help to know we are not alone. It can be a difficult path to tread. I do hope you managed your groceries. I still haven't today turned on the computer to attend to some necessary Bills!!!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi again WallPop

In my view ... mindfulness can be as simple as you want to make it.  I like things simple; so the most memorable experience of mindfulness I have experienced came quite unexpectedly.  

I went for a walk along the beach of a very quiet costal stretch.  I decided to close my ears to all sounds bar the waves crashing in on the beach.  I walked for over an our and heard nothing but the waves, it was beautiful.  Sure I had to concentrate on only that one subject and ignore all else (e.g. I walked with my head bowed and eyes partially closed).  After an hour or so, walking and listening, the sounds of the waves became so loud and took over everything around me.   I continued for a while and then shook myself off my 'trance'.  I ended up with a feeling of complete relaxation and a bit bewildered.  But ohh so good.  

You can try it on the beach, the forrest or whatever.  Just listen and focus on the sounds around you.  You can even do it having a shower (I just read the other day, lol!).

I will look up the thread you started.

Take care and good luck


Community Member

Dear 'Can't Move Forward'. What is the clinical evidence for your assertion thatInositol have anti-depressant qualities? The only evidence of therapeutic effect was a double blind study of 13 individuals in 1997 which indicated a effect greater than placebo. This has not to my knowledge been replicated and the meta analysis was unable to find  statistical validation for its use. Can you please direct me to the articles that support your assertion.


Community Member

Hi All,

what a great threat!

I made a movie yesterday on my iphone selecting lots of happy photos from the last 6 months of the people I love and myself and included a soothing background music that I love. It made me feel better making the movie, and I am planning to use it the next time I go into a down spiral.

I made movies before with inspirational quotes - mainly for sports training - I might make one with uplifting quotes for the future.

I created a folder on my iphone with apps (anxiety, sleeping and rest meditation, PTSD coach, movie and quotes) so I can quickly find distractions when things go wrong.

Not tried and tested, but the PTSD coach app made me think in that direction.

Community Member


I like tea also, I love all teas for my anxiety and bouts of depression, including dandelion, rose, chamomile and lavender teas. I will try tumeric, also! When I am feeling low I like to amp up my mood with excersise or yoga, and when I am feeling anxious I like to focus on deep belly breathing and getting out of my thoughts. I tried mindfulness after advice from psychologists, but I've got an even better one -mindlessness! It's just being mindless and doing things without thinking, haha! It's a humorous spin for those who can't or don't like mindfulness. I love everyone's responses, and am always looking for natural ways to get through life happily 🙂

Thanks for the suggestion . I will look for that movie. 

Hello Naturopath

I too am trying to heal myself with the right food and a more active lifestyle. But I am having trouble with food addictions, mainly refined sugars. I have been taking barley max powder, which is dried barley leaves. Have you had any issues with food addictions? I am not taking any medications at all, I don't want extra chemicals from the meds in my body.

Anyway I just wanted to say hello, and ask you if you had experience with the sugar addictions....

Hugs, if you like them

Shelley xx


Community Member
Agrace's i like add musicto your list i love listen music when walking i do 15,000 step today