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Please help, i cant figure out if i have anxiety or depression or if im just being pathetic

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Hi, im new the forums and i really hope you can help me. It has been going on for quite sometime now, about 7 - 8 months but has gotten worse over the past 3 months. Now i feel very edgy, like someone could say or do one tiny thing and i can go from being happy to wanting to punch the first thing i see. Its like i have years of anger just waiting to be unleashed. But its not only the people around me that can change that, i can also just go from being happy to angry in a matter of minutes. I also just feel very sad, like i could cry and cry for days but i try not to because i dont think there is a reason so i would be crying over what, nothing. For some reason i feel like there is nothing to look forward to in life, i have no drive or ambition to do anything anymore. I have gotten lazier and lazier and just lost all life in me. Also, a couple of times, not to often i have questioned myself asking if what im doing is actually what im doing, like im dreaming or something for a couple of minutes, and sometimes for those couple of minutes my perception of time screws with me. Sometimes if i am out, with parents or infront of friends parents i worry that im gonna do something weird and make an ass of myself. One last thing, im in a long distance relationship, she only lives about an hour away but i only get to see her on weekends, sometimes not for two weeks, i just thought i'de mention that just incase it is a factor. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated, Thank You

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Dear Claudio,

Check the BB guidelines for bipolar - mood swings and then no drive kind of equate with the high and then low moods of bipolar.   I'm bipolar and just something about the way your described yourself seems a bit manic at times then a bit slow.   If the checklist bamboozles you try the GP of do an assessment with a psychiatrist.  A GP can organise a few free appts with a Mental Health Plan.  Hope that helps.

Adios, David.

PS  Has your weight gone down too?  You know - that remark about "my perception of time screws with me" is totally bipolar along with the crying over nothing as your brain cracks open with all the mood pressure.   Bet your sleep is screwed too and you look for stimulation constantly.  It's all there.